Panzer Lehr Division


In my most recent obsession with the Normandy Campaign around the bocage, I decided to field about 50-60 soldiers in my Panzer Lehr division.  I researched the uniforms of this elite fighting force that played a major role along with the 1st LAH Waffen SS Division and the 12th HJ Waffen SS Division around Caen in June-August of 1944.  I plan on fighting a campaign this summer that fields forces from Operation Goodwood.  In an effort to re-create the unique uniforms of the Lehr division I called on several manufacturers’ men to fill in my ranks of the hodge podge forces:


mixed poses from:

-Revell AG panzer grenadiers

-ESCI German Infantry

-Italeri Elite german Infantry

-Revell AG pioneers (with a few converted poses)

-ESCI Africa Corps

-Italeri DAK set 6099 (my most recent purchase and to date have only been primed)

-Even a couple strays from the Revell German Artillery Set (spotted sitting on the tank)




I used Tamiya and Modelmaster Acrylic Paints with Tamiya Field Grey for the basic tunic color.  The men were lightly undercoated with Tamiya superfine grey primer.  They were lightly dry-brushed with sand from the Modelmaster line and coated with a spray dullcote from Testors.  I also mimicked a Wehrmacht splinter pattern of helmet cover.  With two of the men I decided to use the method of flocking the helmets with tobacco to represent foliage (this idea is from Plastic Warriors Blog)



The Uniforms of the Panzer Lehr were usually double-breasted tanker jackets of a feldgrau   variety with helmets covered in foliage and splinter pattern camo.  I also included some fall/autumn side men seen in the background wearing their tunics and helmet covers that were a favorite of the Waffen SS in the region. 


Elephant Mid-Phase

Elephant Mid-Phase

this is a shot from last night’s work on my trumpeter elephant which is going to supplement my mid-late war panzerjaeger corp specifically for my new endeavor to stage skirmish from operation Citadel in the Kursk Salient. Here is a shot after finishing the tracks (trumpeter’s link and length on this set is miserable and difficult to execute because the superstructure covers the top portion of the tracks which must be slide into the space in between. Otherwise this is a great and detailed set coming with photo-etched parts for the engine compartment and hooks on the superstructure. As ugly and unsuccessful as this machine was; it was a quintessential part of the operation in 1943 that brought the Third Reich to its knees. Hope you all enjoy!



Welcome to My World of Plastic

Hello Readers,

My name is Ted Maturo, I am 27 and I live in New York City.  I am working on my masters in social work at Columbia University, and play on the club hockey and lacrosse teams.  As a youth, I was fascinated with history and WWII in particular, and collected 1:72/20mm armies starting with a box of Airfix German infantry.  I later expanded to the Napoleonic wars and after a few years had amassed a good-sized collection just in time for high school to take over my life with sports, and pursuit of a social life.  I put my armies away in storage in 2000.  Due to the nature of cold NYC winters and searching for indoor activities, the horde made its new debut after 12 years in exile. 

I was largely inspired by Paul’s Blog: and also the fantastic blog: .  I have found that this medium for sharing has really improved the globalization of the hobby as well as the explosion of products since my exit in 2000.  I am glad to be back and will look forward to your support, comments, critiques, and ideas!  Cheers and happy Modelling!