Panzer Lehr Division


In my most recent obsession with the Normandy Campaign around the bocage, I decided to field about 50-60 soldiers in my Panzer Lehr division.  I researched the uniforms of this elite fighting force that played a major role along with the 1st LAH Waffen SS Division and the 12th HJ Waffen SS Division around Caen in June-August of 1944.  I plan on fighting a campaign this summer that fields forces from Operation Goodwood.  In an effort to re-create the unique uniforms of the Lehr division I called on several manufacturers’ men to fill in my ranks of the hodge podge forces:


mixed poses from:

-Revell AG panzer grenadiers

-ESCI German Infantry

-Italeri Elite german Infantry

-Revell AG pioneers (with a few converted poses)

-ESCI Africa Corps

-Italeri DAK set 6099 (my most recent purchase and to date have only been primed)

-Even a couple strays from the Revell German Artillery Set (spotted sitting on the tank)




I used Tamiya and Modelmaster Acrylic Paints with Tamiya Field Grey for the basic tunic color.  The men were lightly undercoated with Tamiya superfine grey primer.  They were lightly dry-brushed with sand from the Modelmaster line and coated with a spray dullcote from Testors.  I also mimicked a Wehrmacht splinter pattern of helmet cover.  With two of the men I decided to use the method of flocking the helmets with tobacco to represent foliage (this idea is from Plastic Warriors Blog)



The Uniforms of the Panzer Lehr were usually double-breasted tanker jackets of a feldgrau   variety with helmets covered in foliage and splinter pattern camo.  I also included some fall/autumn side men seen in the background wearing their tunics and helmet covers that were a favorite of the Waffen SS in the region. 


5 comments on “Panzer Lehr Division

  1. plasticwarriorpaul says:

    Really good work on the figures Ted and a good mix of poses. Top notch.

  2. tigerlaxer05 says:

    thanks again! lots more to come in the way of Lehr soldiers

  3. Thomas says:

    Could we possibly have a close-up of the tanker and the two guys in autumn pattern in the back on the second picture, please?
    Oh, and thanks for the tip, I have the Revell Artillery set somewhere, gotta dig that out and paint up the sitting lads.

  4. Great looking stuff here Ted!

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