Welcome to My World of Plastic

Hello Readers,

My name is Ted Maturo, I am 27 and I live in New York City.  I am working on my masters in social work at Columbia University, and play on the club hockey and lacrosse teams.  As a youth, I was fascinated with history and WWII in particular, and collected 1:72/20mm armies starting with a box of Airfix German infantry.  I later expanded to the Napoleonic wars and after a few years had amassed a good-sized collection just in time for high school to take over my life with sports, and pursuit of a social life.  I put my armies away in storage in 2000.  Due to the nature of cold NYC winters and searching for indoor activities, the horde made its new debut after 12 years in exile. 

I was largely inspired by Paul’s Blog: http://plasticwarriors.blogspot.com/ and also the fantastic blog: http://www.miniaturezone.co.uk/ .  I have found that this medium for sharing has really improved the globalization of the hobby as well as the explosion of products since my exit in 2000.  I am glad to be back and will look forward to your support, comments, critiques, and ideas!  Cheers and happy Modelling!



7 comments on “Welcome to My World of Plastic

  1. plasticwarriorpaul says:

    A great start to your blogging career Ted. Well done.

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      thanks Paul! You have been a major inspiration in this hobby!

    • Tim says:

      I also do 1/72 scale. the rules i use is spearhead. good rules. how did you make your dirt roads?
      i have americans, Germans and russians. i use squad leader scenerios. for russians might i add when it comes to the T26’s and T28 i went die cast from fabri. i bought three T26 models and they were weak and a pain to build. after building one i decided to go die cast. atleast for some russian tanks. the older version tanks you just can’t find in the U.S. Great website. hope to hear from you. Thanks for the inspiration

      • tigerlaxer05 says:

        Hey Tim glad you enjoy my website! It’s been a blast building and painting armies and I have some exciting projects in the works!

        For the roads I used a thick card and spread caulk for texture and the banks on the sides and sprinkled kitty litter into the caulk to give the appearance of additional texture. You have to make sure that the caulk is acrylic so that it will take paint!

        I then painted the roads with tempura aka really cheap paint, let dry then drybrushed other lighter colors to make the tracks and added more kitty litter and gravel.. After this I sprayed the whole thing liberally with scenic cement to seal it and then flocked to my standard.

        Hope this helps!



  2. jem says:

    great blog, really interesting

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