Upcoming Projects and Posts

Here is a list of what is on the table currently and what some topics I will cover in upcoming posts:

-first things first, I just finished the panzer lehr group with additional 23 men from the italeri DAK kit 6099 which is most useful in its pose quality for this division’s uniforms… One more spray down with some dullcote and I will post the whole group as one large piece.

– I also have some late war German armor on the table that is ready for its camo, decals, weathering, and top cote respectively… Post to come on this project: tiger II Porsche turret, jagdtiger, and elephant all by trumpeter, an an old revell jadgpanther that I am refurbing.

-I am also working on two pegasus kits of T34s and KV1s that will round out my soviet armor once these and 40+ soviet summer infantry are finished I will update with my complete soviet horde.

-finally for dessert I will do a tutorial with a revell tiger I refurb on the art of applying zimmerit with the miliput method!




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