Part IV: German Armor Buildup

For the last Segment/Installment of this massing of armor, I will show some other vehicle which were given some weathering, and other refurbish work.  Here featured are: A pair of Jagdpanzer IV L48 from Italeri, an unidentified Grille, and Pair of Sdkfz 251 Ausf D from hasegawa.  ImageImageImageImageImage

I used extensively the method of simulating foliage attached to the vehicles by gluing some camo net from the Pegasus line at $3.50 USD I think they are a major rip-off, as one could easily buy gauze at the store and paint it green.  After gluing these nets with PVA I used a PVA/Water solution brushed on the nets and dipped in my tobacco flock. 


The Three Figures in the grille come from the new Orion Panzer Crews Kit.  I have decided to used these poses in many of my awaited open-topped AFVs (Marders, Wespes, Sdkfz 234/3 and 234/4s, and of course this grille)



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