Part III: German Armor Buildup

I had made three previous posts on my armor buildup but they did not properly publish, so it looks like I will be backtracking a little bit.

Part III features a Trumpeter Jagdtiger and Revell Jagdpanther.  Both are straightforwards kits that are essential pieces in a late war German army.


The Jagdpanther is as reported by other reviewers a little underscale and actually feels small compared to its counterpart Panther V which used the same chasis.



Also Below is the Mammoth Jagdtiger which was over 70 tons and generally mechanically unreliable .  Much to Heinz Guderian‘s shagrin, Adolph Hitler favored the production of these new “Super Weapons,” over standardizing the production of the reliable and tested Panzer IV and Stug III variants and producing them en masse.






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