The Soviets Are Here! Part I: T-34s and BT-7s

In the fall I had a dream to build a Soviet Army to fight the massive tank battles from the Russian Steppe.  I realized this dream as I placed my first order which would provide a base for my Red Army.  Below is what I ordered to supplement some old ESCI soviet infantry, and some modified ESCI Warsaw Pact to reflect WWII infantry:

3 Pegasus T-34/85  kits containing 6 tanks

1 Pegasus KV-1/KV-2 containing 2 tanks with options to build either model

1 Pegasus KV-1s containing 2 tanks with options to build either cast or welded turret

1 Pegasus SU122/152 containing 2 tanks with options for both guns

1 Pegasus BT-7 containing 2 tanks

1 Pegasus Soviet Summer Dress Infantry

1 Armorfast T-34/76 containing 2 tanks

1 Armorfast SU-85 containing 2 tanks

1 Plastic Soldier Company 45mm AT gun set containing 4 guns w/options for 3 gun models

1 Plastic Soldier Company ZIS 2/3 AT gun set containing 4 guns w/ options to build either model


This post will cover the T-34s and BT-7s:

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The Pegasus Kits are a steal at around $9.50 USD for 2 tanks.  These are more highly detailed than the Armorfast version, as well as more sturdily built.  I was similarly impressed by both kits for their ease of assembly.  You can build about a tank every 10-15 minutes.  I then gave the sets a primer with a white coat of Tamiya superfine spray.  Over that I used more Tamiya Olive Green to give the base coat.  The coverage left some areas of primer showing through which I left as a nice weathering effect.  I am not so pleased with my ability using the wash to simulate grime or the pigment, which i tried to apply when it was wet.  I have since learned that it goes on dry and will probably re-visit these kits for some touch-ups/weathering to add realism.

I also used two sets of Soviet decals meant for 1/76 from the Aleran line.  I picked these up at a wonderful shop called the Michigan Toy Soldier Company( in Royal Oak Michigan.  This is a great dealer of all thing related to the hobby and was annoyed that I was only given 1 hour to look around and make my purchases (I was on a time budget).  Anyone who finds themselves in this neck of the woods (about 30 minutes north of Detroit) I would recommend checking it out.

Further posts to come detailing my recent purchase.


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