The Soviets Are Here! Part II: KV Series

As a continuation of my previous post I am including samples of my Pegasus KVs.  The two kits build out to 4 turret options total (KV-1 welded, cast, late and KV-2).  I was very pleased with these sets and they are great additions to the table.  the Decals are also Aleran.  I have finally learned about pigments, but need to go back and touch up as these were finished with the old (crappy) method.

2jm-g_Dslxz9cfCF1d8MQE4uRmrjy53WTXQSo5CQWBE 5D6axytTiZieCw0XwNwkjDf-d0L8tpsCmg_llwQOyoQ p-t-5TkEWuTsGkqgMPxoFO3uO8Kry0btK00urj-mfc4 pTSLVsGkOCSHRTU4JqR35ycDDwUdC8sNC_BIr21w_Dc SwDX1S_CroOoI5xy9m8gDHzi2lO7UJS3BydwjPHJR5w XGoWDfj3AWs6tU1RpNdnFAyty1xrg2HeDQR8SUEAbMI xyFRdw5iYD4VXH7BrxYsh3rJrE5-371TT6JkhMADahI



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