The Soviets Are Here! Part III SP Guns

I also built up two Pegasus SUs a 122 and a 152 version along with a pair of Armorfast SU-85s.  I was happy with both kits and am also awaiting a delivery of some UM SU-76s to round out my Soviet SP Guns/Tank Hunters.  cJ3ju1H_46YCgBw2Cuj0T3U3ji-EJLrb0h1wQUUvgDc KBRJWqq7fn7ywaQ2HAdzkSA3sEunyVi68hyvj-eKTq0 nSt5Kvg-CCuXQ5tn3Wrhq60x_jqPpS9JExVqKChbIf8 oQk9J8NBcd3QYsmHKal046Zi8mE158fq_dR3nK9pPmQ STaQGl2kgGz6Fa5DxAN05mPWBbwHcZHNQaQYVE8KyNw T5pcqKkRXPInxvvDz1DJoS2n6qMOg3YUdKgDxsefmAc Wu_gRbme5n0I10bs3sQYYVM8PSFcAT3-Z8RL2A3NJ2o


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