The Soviets Are Here! Part IV: The Billion Man Army

So during this whole massing of Armor, I intermittently painted the bulk of my infantry.  By the end of it all (130ish plastic souls) I felt like I had painted the real Red Army circa 1943.  The men are a mix of Pegasus, ESCI (soviet infantry and Warsaw Pact converts), and PSC arty crews.

B7Rnx6Zt1Qn1udGcxXwxdRU4QQ6VIcp_JLqWNWvyRWI bFOyo2cJsk4Vn9bPTWaKunpSbfGOEMFl5bBTiySAskw gFKJBIPnLxkQBrZUG-0PzWrM_qja-hQTR26VZnxjIKo HjbGlbssUHhtbaSWTiWRnxjIGpGdHPEjkADqTLznaFw HVZk7zGtateFZeakGk7WOrCtxxpfLmABWqFz9Nf7h_s i-BDjCt6B6CG0ccEx29MU_kTvQU8xgyBWXNWX0T-3lU p0ORp9KpaWeYigsdz3Ety5bixqrsmzQqdJLTxhFsYzQ P7JmfNj3ZQrYpSX8FOpnz-qwOSZs91w8VAYvNUHgLHo Pj7XaRvOQ-7ncYQELee10IH9_KcshOhDtNO3NlaXFDU qUJ12_6xE8V1V6PynhN8fd7lHZT2L-K-p6OGCkSY0d4 RfQtAOMxbLyhUBQKCTjk1SuHyOAURwpjIjuftwj5IDc sYz22eNSStMucpfKFS_FGoCpQIeS3u3L3g712o3HaAs T8DUsZdwGuqVDqNJ_6IPfSnzOBcqLrI7AZ4gIIbV0w4 ugl9Xl_ANzcIbPyZmUyi5T92H3ywGtt_2nbi7NDcuGM ZESzzUqjwyBDdMQ7iBFWpczHnCIMQjqYElj9jE__y0Y

The Pegasus men were surprisingly hard, as their Waffen SS kits are both molded in soft-plastic.  They painted up nicely along with the PSC crews which did not come with bases and were fiddly to put together.  I chose to base the crews individually from the traditional method of making a whole gun base.  I do this because my house rules include being able to capture an enemy gun and use it, so I Wanted to separate the guns from the crews.  I also incorporate rules where the guns fire a set number of shots based on their surviving crews so guns take casualties an are only out of commission once they have been spiked by opposing forces.  I guess some food for thought.  As I am still in the process of rewriting sections of the rules, I will not be publishing them on my blog until I feel they are ready for the masses, but look out for a future post!






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