Tiger I refurb and Zimmerit Tutorial Part II

So after finishing up what seemed to be a never ending project of 2 months of Soviets, I am back to some passion projects.  The soviets for me are fun as they are a mass of men and tanks to oppose my beloved Panzers, but the drab camo/uniforms, and ugly equipment is tough to love when doing a forced death march of painting per-se.  Now that I am back, I will update on where I am at with my zimmerit tutorial on my old Revell Tiger I.

In part I we had both sides of the hull complete.  Remember that is is necessary to let each side cure before attempting work on the next side.  This is important because of the delicate nature of making the impressions and letting them set into the miliput.


Here I started work on the turret, making a single strip of miliput for the body of the turret and affixing it to the model.  this is perhaps the most difficult step as the piece I was working with created a seamless application.  I smoothed it over using my finger dipped in water then trimmed with a scalpel.  The gun Mantlet also is a bit challenging as I used a few small thin strips to cover the entire front without making it lumpy and disproportional in thickness.  I also did not add the rear storage box to the turret to make the vehicle unique, and simulate it being blown off/detached in battle.  This made it easier to apply the miliput, and I could add the piece back on the model later, (if I find it in my spares, no luck so far).


The Next step was the front pieces.  Note: I did the lower hull and let cure before moving onto the upper portion.  The upper portion is also very tricky and requires a lot of smoothing with a finger and very precise scalpel work.  It is hard to shape it around the gun port and driver slit.


Finally I was able to attack the rear plate of the vehicle with three separate strips of miliput.  I lets these all cure for two nights before moving on to the painting which will be covered in the final post on the subject.


9tw5Ov6FD-5bcuoll4iVgW_7RKXOHonGj9QQKPj7y94 FGidixccx3kh0j64EZXrbgoGXwPl8LH9GA6Jnb1zH5c hg8A5TfSdG2g3zuttd1IZ4j1QhewJLpZrEHi8lsANz4


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