Tiger I Refurb Part III: Finale and Paint

Here are some shots of the end result that I was very pleased with.  I decided I wanted my tank to resemble the Tiger that Michael Wittmann rolled into the battle of Villers-Bocage in 1944.  While the numbering should be 205, or 007, I could not scare up these digits in my limit decal collection.


Here is a closeup showing the zimmerit detail after adding the track links and paint to the turret.  The paints are Modelmaster dark green, and Tamiya dark yellow, and red brown.  Links are provided from extras in my trumpeter elephant kit.  I used decals from aleran for the balkenkruetz and Echelon Tiger and Panther decal sets.  Before applying decals I used gloss varnish on the surface I wanted to apply the waterslides.  I let this dry for 30-40 minutes then applied my decals.  After allowing the decals to sit for about an hour I washed over with decal softener which helps them to adhere better and give off the impression they were painted onto the irregular surface of the zimmerit coating.  I make sure to use a softener on all my kits but especially on a zimmerit surface.

DsTaDlNI265WqmsQWzYxZeb47s_9JQKS6JdYxGGybz0 Co6l3p1mdVixS2zQphUooGgjFr8FSbz3xpmhf6dNELA

Here are two pre-wash/weathering shots of the tank with decals.  I used a light drybrush with Modelmaster color sand and Tamiya gun metal on the road wheels and track links.

2-oIXLcRrSFCjva8moG4gonI7HxBjmsHV_805hrPaUQ gI38mKAudswMUsFJ24DWpEXuZSaL0m6eWKebND22KXs

Here are the two new weathering/detailing bottles i have been using.  I started with a brushing of the pigment on the drive areas of the tank/tracks, and edges, along with other areas rust might form.  I am happy that I finally am applying it appropriately, as I had to learn a lesson from my previous work on the soviet tanks.  I utilized a makeupy type of application much like women use with foundation as I am told by some ladies in my school program.  The AK dark streaking grime I touch up around the drive sprockets and engine compartments.

tRVCXHf5fAKszZ7baUo1OpEWgeevc9OSnUfUbEgh4-8 YtM9odLjVPeaEzLQJVj4qWO73C-pC_tbB8q9Wigj0OU dYwUv6-0Fg7iAppsijz72K4rsubXXLv2ds98aDRtiLc e8-SnZGawbR1t9tRODh2mi6w6SVjRJ53ugg910sAcNQ CWGwluGmNcBmE8o18tVC4xRwp5baLBTHeb-NdGtdPvU CWmcaShjHj6nZasLIIU9bfvUUAFm4V3aDNHfHskF_c0

After 2 coats of matte spray varnish my Tiger is done and ready for the board, or to dominate allied armor.


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