Updates for Tuesday

I am updating with my projects for the week.  My longest standing issue is trying to find a way to fit/build/store an appropriate board in a NYC 300 sq/ft apartment.  After much negotiation with my lovely and understanding Girlfriend Lauren, (she is game to play me and help with these projects, the saint), is allowing me to install a board that will double as a mural on the wall.  The plan is to build a frame out of 1×2″ firing strips and panels of 2’x4’x1/4″ board to make an 8×4 ft. gaming table.  I am planning on covering one side of the finished board with a Woodland Scenics Readygrass vinyl mat, and the other side with a lovely poster measuring 48″x72″.  Additionally I wanted to make the board expandable with holes built in for pegs to attach two additional sections on on the side a 2’x8′ section and one on the bottom of this widened piece measuring 2’x6′ creating two additional sizes of boards measuring 8’x6′, and 10’x6′.  This largest board is 60 sq. ft., while the original is 32. I think making peg holes in the boards will be an awesome way to expand and grow with my living space size.  Below are two schematics showing the plans:




And the two expansions, which will be built at a later date:



I’m planning on a trip to home depot to buy the lumber and supplies to finish the first 8’x4′ board and will use 1 inch screws to put it ll together.  I am also banking on the fine folks at home depot making these 10+ cuts for me!  Hopefully I will have such luck.


To conclude my ramblings, I want to say that I have been basing my men on pennies for skirmish rules/my pre-ordered Battlegroup Overlord ruleset that I am eagerly anticipating.  if you pre-order today Plastic Soldier Company will give you a free sprue of their new US late war infantry sets, as well as entry to the raffle for some great prizes.  I guess only the first 500 pre-orders will get these great offers.  


Basing has been a real pain in the you know what!  I have been struggling with this for a long time and finally bit the bullet.  I have spackled about 200 of my men of the intended 500.  I will use Woodland Scenics Earth Undertone and static grass flock.  If anyone has any suggestions to help me in this conquest please feel free to send suggestions!


I will also update on my Ukrainian sets which have all been primed and are ready for the base coats of Dunklegelb (tamiya TS-3 dark yellow spray).  I also want to do a post on a couple squads of ESCI Fallshirmjaegars I painted to mix into a Normandy Wargame.  


Excited to get the board project going, and finally put up some shot of the board, and hopefully and game quite soon!


Cheers and happy Tuesday!




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