Some Beauty Shots of a Normandy Vingette

After my Sunday game I stuck around to snap some shots of my new pieces with some oldies mixed in.  I guess a lot of the appeal of this hobby is reveling at your hard work on the board, especially when you are not able to do another game.

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I am going to try to finish all my projects related to Normandy to attempt a massive and fun trial of the BattleGroup Overlord rule set once it arrives.  I am looking forward to the rule-set to gain some more realism and other parameters for rules I never developed on my own in my house set.  I feel that the holes have produced some frustration, especially when selecting appropriate sized and matched armies.  I look forward to giving this a try at once.






Pegasus Russian Farm Houses

In the last AAR were featured a pair of Russian farm houses by Pegasus.  I wanted to share a couple of pictures of these finished pieces along with the italeri Fences from my last major haul.





I used Thano’s technique from his blog Miniatures and Terrain to paint these pieces using a very light grey green dry-brush to help build up the depth of the wood grain.  Here is a link to his tips on painting:

I am aiming to purchase the log houses and Izba along with Ukrainian House #1 and #2 to round out my structures for the eastern front.  I will probably down the road try to find a good eastern orthodox style church and also a train station, but these are not quite on my radar yet.





Weekend Game AAR post part Deux

I left off with both forces massing their reinforcements at the end of turn 6 and bringing them for a major armor showdown.  The Germans have taken the PAK front out with almost no casualties aside from the Sdkfz 232 and one of the 2 StuH42s.



The Panzer grenadiers meet the T-34s and infantry as they move across the bridge to defend the left flank.



The Panther move swiftly up the other flank to try to cut off any soviet tanks that are advancing


Meanwhile the soviets take heavy casualties in the center of the board by the bridge, while the panthers move past some burning wreckage to attempt a river ford and encirclement of the rest of the soviet forces.


The Farm across the river is defended by a SU-85 in reserve as the twin Panthers try to roll past the main attack pouring over the bridge.  On the opposite flank the rest of the T-34s are destroyed by the PAK 38s which have been deployed to hold the center.




However the Panzer grenadiers take heavy casualties and also lose their Panzer III tank support from Arty fire.

Although it is too late as the Panthers complete the encirclement of the remaining soviet infantry which cannot find the morale to breakout of the enclosed pocket.


Weekend AAR of Operation Bagration Front

Another week in the books working hard to produce some new scenery and finish up my giant basing project.  I managed to finish off nearly 30 pine trees and 10 large 5′”-7″ deciduous trees (both of the woodland scenics range) and glued them to bases but did not have time to finish the aesthetic appearances of the bases, but bear with me as I was able to complete my PAK 38 crews, and new Normandy building meant to be a part of my “Saving Private Ryan,” inspired town of Rammelle.  I also nearly finished some new PSC wet stowage Shermans for a Normandy game planned for this weekend, but ultimately made me go back to wanting a eastern front battle, and saving a Normandy game for next weekend when I hopefully receive my pre-ordered copy of Battlegroup Overlord from Iron Fist Publishing/PSC.   Anyway, I opted to play a scenario of my own invention on the eastern front during 1944 summer.  Below is a map of the board, with the main objective being to hold/defend the bridge or take the bridge. We are currently using my house rules for skirmish games while awaiting our BG ruleset.

Kursk PAK Front

Lauren as the Soviets won the dice roll for choice of offense/defense, and chose to defend the bridge.  for her forces she chose:

-about 100 Infantry

-4 Zis 2 57mm AT

-2 Zis 3 76.2mm AT

-2 45mm AT

-2 SU-122s

-1 SU-76

-2 SU-85

-1 122mm Howitzer

-1 BT7


-11 T-34s   (she chose to reinforce on turn 4 with the majority of the infantry 85+ and all her T-34s, while deploying a PAK front of her Arty and Tank Destroyers)


The Germans led by yours truly had in their command initially:

around 40 Waffen SS panzer grenadiers

3 Panzer IVHs

2 StuH42s

3 Sdkfz 251/d

1 Panzerwerfer with two timed barrages coming on the 2nd and 3rd turns

and an Sdkfz 232 for recce,

with reinforcements on turn 5 of:

2 Panzer IIIJs

3 Panthers

2 Opel Blitzes  towing PAK 38 50mm

and an additional force of 25 Panzer Grenadiers of the 3rd Waffen SS division

below is a shot of the board at the start of the game.



Some shots of the PAK front at the start….



The Grenadiers and StuH42s take to the right flank


Simultaneously the Germans Send their armored car to recce the area by the bridge…




The German Recce destroys the BT-7 with a lucky roll and continues its patrol finding the PAK front and Calling in two separate rocket barrages from the Panzerwerfer.



Destroying;/killing the crews of the Soviet Arty.  Also the StuH42s take a couple of guns down in a barrage of their own.


the Panzer IVs move up to take some ground towards the river


A great shot of the StuH42s advancing


Along come the soviet reinforcements….


and subsequently the German reinforcements for a showdown of massive armor…

tk7eipIKJ4_s-YRFWA3ipZU1cBMygoHR9eIufpJbBow97jCP1oIi6FbhPY7waXeJGAFsi3y-HQmu3VrMRtW4EY 7DXSRyOhcbOFeGbLLpPhXUyi112tjTC0GXFIP4J1Ajc

The AAR to be continued in the next post!




Here are some shots of my S model nebelwerfers. The package comes with two kits and builds pretty easily, with some minor fiddly-bits. They do not come with crews and from the reviews it looks like they are slightly inaccurate with respect to the ordinance and how it is portrayed. I am not a rivet counter so this does not bother me and I will simply convert some other figures to play the role of crew… Perhaps the fourth plastic soldier pak 38 crew?





On the Workbench

After basing all my trees and many of my figures, I am able to get back to a little painting and modeling. Here is what currently is on my to do list for this week:

-Finish my roden panzerwerfer’s paint job weathering and decals

-paint the s model nebelwerfers

-refurb the old autumn camo Waffen SS mainly pegasus and revell kits with some improvements to the camo details and wash and base

-paint the 4 plastic soldier guns and their crews. I will do two PAK 38s in dunklegelb, and two in panzer grey, and two crews in SS camo and one as the panzer lehr in feldgrau.

-paint the motorcyclist and side car as spring side camo to become recce/dispatch riders this is an old hasegawa kit

-paint the two soldiers and their raft from the revell pioneers kit.. Not sure what this piece will mean to my games at this point, but I have been dying to see it painted up.







Basing Tutorial

After deciding to base my armies I did a fair amount of Internet research on the technique mostly borrowing the method explained on the Flames of War website. While I am basing each miniature individually with the exception of arty crews, this method can also be used for basing several men on a single stand. Since I play skirmish or 1:1 I will be basing my armies on coins. I have heard that some people prefer to use plastic tokens to reduce weight and prevent accidental destruction of the base if dropped (the coin’s added weight can cause the base to separate from the miniature), I prefer the heft of the coins and also the ready availability. Since I am playing catchup in my basing project because I have not been doing this all along, I have about 500 figures to base and was looking for an efficient effective method for completing this project.


The first step is to glue each figure to a coin using a nice dab of PVA glue. For the arty crews I used thick card cut into the desired size for a two man base.


Allow the glue to dry overnight so it is rock hard before moving on to the next step.



Using a small fingernail tool I picked up at the pharmacy and some lightweight spackle you can render a textured surface on your base.


I use the tool as a trowel to scoop a little bit of spackle and smear it onto the base.


Then I use some water on my tool to help smooth and spread the spackle, or as I like to say make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the tops of my bases. This is probably the most painstaking task as spackle is rather annoying to work with. After some practice however you will find a rhythm and be able to do about 2 bases a minute.



Once you are satisfied with your sculpting and the shape/texture you rendered on you base with the spackle you leave the figure to dry overnight.


Once the spackle is dry I coat the base with a coat of woodland scenics earth undertone.


Once the earth undercoat is dry I dab some slightly diluted PVA on the base where I want the grass to be.




Using static grass, I chose woodland scenics medium green, but in hindsight would have blended a few different types for more variation, I shake a bunch of grass into a small container and place the figurine into this container. I push the static grass all around the base and tamp it down with my tool using firm strokes to make sure the grass sticks to my base. I then tap the bottom of the base with the tool to remove any access grass.


And voila! You now have an efficient, effective, and aesthetic method to base your figurines!