Easter Game Number II: A quick tank duel in White Russia 1944

After playing the first game it was time for Lauren to leave for yoga, which left me to my devices for 2 hours.  I decided to play myself in a massive armor game pitting the forces of the Das Reich against a Soviet Armor Brigade.  Below are some snapshots of this quickie.

2013-03-31 18.58.31

A Couple of Marders advancing towards a good spot for an ambush

2013-03-31 19.26.38

Here are the soviets about to advance across the river.  They have been ordered to protect the hard won ground and bridge so they built a PAK front.

2013-03-31 19.01.25

Some of the Waffen SS moving over a ploughed field awaiting the main armor push through the line before they are deployed to clear the PAK front.

2013-03-31 19.01.18

Here is a shot of the soviets readying their forces to engage the Invading Germans

2013-03-31 19.01.00


Some Panzers crossing the field to engage in battle

2013-03-31 19.00.31 2013-03-31 19.00.13

Two StuH42s sneak around the flanks to assault the PAK front before the Soviet AT guns wreak havoc on the German armor

2013-03-31 18.59.54

More shots of the Soviet Armor Advancing


2013-03-31 18.59.24 2013-03-31 18.59.15 2013-03-31 18.59.10

A Pic of a Zis 2 AT gun ready to halt the onslaught of German Armor

2013-03-31 18.59.00


A couple of Opel Blitzes follow the armor with panzer grenadiers to help clear the front

2013-03-31 18.58.42

The Proud Schwere company of two tigers and a Ferdinand/Elephant initiate the main thrust in the panzerkiel

2013-03-31 18.58.37

I did not capture any other pics of the engagement to share, but the Germans were defeated handily by the nearly 3-1 ratio of armor.  The Germans did not go down without a fight a destroyed 15 Soviet tanks before their eventual defeat.


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