First Wargame Post: Normandy Breakout

I originally intended for this game to be a mini version of a breakout by the Germans from the Falaise pocket.  I was playing as the Germans and Lauren was the American Forces, and Lauren won the roll and chose to be the breakout forces.  Here is a drawing of the board we modeled for the game:

map game 1

The Breakout forces start on the bottom left and are supposed to move to the end of the road in the top right, while the opposition tries to enclose/stop the breakout forces from advancing with two divided forces starting in opposite diagonal corners of the table.

For the Americans breaking out there were two timed barrages occurring at turn 6 and 9 with reinforcements showing up on the 11th turn.  Below are the total US  forces:

-5 Sherman Fireflies (just filling in until I beef up my US Shermans)

-2 Sherman 75mm

-2 Sherman 105mm

-1 Preist

-3 M3 Halftracks

-2 GMC trucks

-2 M36 tank destroyers

– about 100 US paratroopers

-about 40 US Infantry

Vs.  Germans whose reinforcement show up in turn 7- with no timed barrages:

-2 Wespes

-2 Tigers

-2 Panzer IV H

-1 Marder III M

-2 Jadgpanzer IV L48

-1 sdkfz 234/2 puma

-1 sdkfz 234/4 PAK wagon

-2 88mm AA

-1 75mm PAK 40

-3 sdkfz 251 D

-60-70 Panzer Lehr

-18 FJs

roll for first action/turn with Lauren taking the honors.

Some Pics of the layout pre-battle:

2013-03-31 13.47.14

This shot is a view of the path for the breakout from the US startpoint

2013-03-31 13.47.21

An overhead shot of the layout from the breakout perspective.

2013-03-31 13.47.32 2013-03-31 13.47.38

Two shots of the defenders side.

Game report to be continued in the next post……


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