Major Haul from last week- Reinforcements

Shots of some kits I received from and  Both are fantastic deals for wargammers, especially the war store for Plastic Soldier Company, easily the cheapest outlet for this brand.  Both online stores are based in NY on Long Island so they ship in a day and both took me by surprise as they came on Thursday from UPS.    UPS  attempted delivery while I was at work, and i had one more chance to be home for delivery.  I was naturally devastated by missing the kind parcel-men in Brown, and so I went on the hunt for my packages.  After work I tracked down the truck carrying my reinforcements and brought these beauties home to my ecstatic relief.


2013-03-28 17.28.40 2013-03-28 17.20.30


A shot of my ravenous face once I intercepted the packages from the parcel-man.


2013-03-28 17.50.42 2013-03-28 17.51.15


Unboxing the Italeri Stone Walls I was very pleased with the weight/durability of this kit.  They are heavy and sturdy and I think another box will suffice for my stone wall needs right now, and at $14/pop they are reasonable sets as I was loathing trying to manufacture these important but boring pieces of scenery (my previous attempts at DIY both were miserable failures)


2013-03-28 17.50.31


A PST Katyusha for some Soviet Flavor- the wit has a tremendous amount of parts which will be a project to tackle on a day where I have incredible patience and focus.

2013-03-28 17.51.07


I’ve been dying to get my hands on this kits for the crews even more so than the guns.  Although some lighter AT guns for my mid-early German Forces are certainly welcome!

2013-03-28 17.51.23


I was very Indulgent with a purchase of an additional pack of Zis 2/3 because I only built out the Zis 2 version of the 57mm AT.  Naturally I needed some of the 76.5mm version so this was a necessity.


2013-03-28 17.51.33


Some PSC T-34 76/85 to round out my T-34s to 11… gotta love the durability and ease of build in these great kits… perfect for wargaming.


2013-03-28 17.51.42


PSC Sherman Wet Stowage 76mm version- there is no optional 105mm howitzer or 75mm version turrets which was a disappointment  but the 76 was nonetheless the one I was really gunning for.


2013-03-28 17.53.49


I am very pleased with my PSC Panzer Lehr Divisional Markings and will probably go back and purchase a few more sets of these great decals.

2013-03-28 17.53.25 2013-03-28 17.53.15 2013-03-28 17.53.04


Zvezda 85mm AA Soviet at $7.50 a steal and had to buy two of course- easy build, nice looking moulds on two sprues

2013-03-28 17.54.04


Zvezda Soviet AT rifle teams at $4 each for 2 guns.  Had to buy two.


2013-03-28 17.53.43


and Finally the Soviet Tank Riders By Hat- I would like to find  a way to fix them to the tanks where they can be removed as needed- if anyone has an idea or method they use i’m open to suggestions.


I also received some medium green static flock for my basing project, tamiya olive and dark yellow spray, woodland scenics undertone, and mat adhesive.

Finally I have something to work on….. a decent haul I think…






2 comments on “Major Haul from last week- Reinforcements

  1. I am still laughing on how happy you look. Great haul!

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