Normandy breakout Part II

Lauren won the initial dice roll and elected to move first, both up the road and headed up the flank to the large farm.  I sent an element of my recon with the FJs to meet this sweeping maneuver.  I also moved up my two panzer IVs to meet and flank the US forces coming up the road.


2013-03-31 16.13.08 2013-03-31 16.13.02

The Panzers engaged and destroyed two Sherman advancing before the first PIV being taken out by the M36 Jackson.


2013-03-31 16.13.13

The second Panzer was knocked out by a Firefly and set ablaze on the bottom edge of the battlefield before efficiently flanking the advancing forces on the main road.


2013-03-31 16.13.26 2013-03-31 16.13.32

Towards the middle of the board a squad of Panzer Lehr advance to meet the onslaught of US paras advancing… also a mortar lies in wait for any fools trying to navigate the hedgerow fields.

2013-03-31 16.13.38

meanwhile on the northern flank the two armored cars were able to destroy a cargo truck and M4 Sherman 75mm before being wiped out by a firefly behind the barn.  On the southern end of the barn two jadgpanzer IVs await the flanking US forces which are clearing the bocage.  A firefight ensues when the jadgpanzer ambushes and destroys an additional two Sherman tanks.  However the initial timed off-board barrage is able to do away with the 88s before they become a real factor.  Here the twin jadgpanzers finally meet their demise by a lucky roll of the die from a Sherman 75mm.


2013-03-31 16.14.00 2013-03-31 16.14.10 2013-03-31 16.16.04

Here the German Reinforcements enter the game two tigers 3 halftracks with squads of Panzer Lehr, and a Marder III.  With overwhelming American Forces appearing the Tigers should be able to check their advance, and score 4 hits on the incoming Americans taking 3 shermans a cargo truck and a halftrack with a squad full of heavy weapons.  However the M36’s are able to flank and close in on the massive beasts finishing them off in the end and forcing an American Victory.  Congratulations to Lauren for a well-deserved victory in the first game!


2013-03-31 16.13.46 2013-03-31 16.13.50


An Additional shot of the second tiger before it meets its demise

2013-03-31 16.40.23

The lonely PAK 40 which never amounted to much.  In retrospect i should have moved it up when I deployed my reinforcements.

2013-03-31 16.14.27


hope you all enjoyed this report.  A Quick Soviet Tank Engagement was the next game that will be covered in our next post.






2 comments on “Normandy breakout Part II

  1. Always good to get a game in Ted, nice AAR all around!

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