Project Updates/Board is Installed!

After a very frustrating couple of months with no good solution for board storage, (hence no game board in NYC to play on) I came up with the idea to hang the board on our apartment wall with a mural on one face to help with its aesthetic.  After negotiating with my wonderful and understanding girlfriend, we opted for a 8’x4′ board covered by a lovely 6’x4′ poster/mural of Monet’s Le Havre as seen Below.  The actual hanging was facilitated by driving three nails into the grout of the exposed brick and using picture hanging wire and hooks to make it easily accessible for gaming purposes.


2013-04-01 08.41.40


I primed the board with Rustoleum Grey Primer, and fixed the vinyl poster with 3M adhesive strips.  Needless to say Lauren is as thrilled with the result as I am.

With Access to a board and my entire collection of scenery armor, and troops being delivered by my mom from storage, I was able to spend a glorious Easter Sunday playing two scenarios which will both have their own posts later with Battle reports.  Below is a teaser.  I used woodland scenics ready-grass as my surface, which i taped down for the game with double sided tape.


2013-03-31 13.47.38



Some other projects that are in process currently:

-Basing tress on washers

-Basing all troops/arty crews on coins (waiting on my woodland scenics products to finish the basing- will do a tutorial)

-Building Haystacks with clay and formers

-Painting Pegasus Russian Farm Houses, Italeri Stonewalls, and other armor/troops that are primed

-Refurbing old Tress

-Refurbing allied armor

-making more building for Normandy Games


I will be one busy guy!






2 comments on “Project Updates/Board is Installed!

  1. Well done, the board looks great and woman friendly, which is always a good idea when living in confined spaces!

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