On the Workbench

After basing all my trees and many of my figures, I am able to get back to a little painting and modeling. Here is what currently is on my to do list for this week:

-Finish my roden panzerwerfer’s paint job weathering and decals

-paint the s model nebelwerfers

-refurb the old autumn camo Waffen SS mainly pegasus and revell kits with some improvements to the camo details and wash and base

-paint the 4 plastic soldier guns and their crews. I will do two PAK 38s in dunklegelb, and two in panzer grey, and two crews in SS camo and one as the panzer lehr in feldgrau.

-paint the motorcyclist and side car as spring side camo to become recce/dispatch riders this is an old hasegawa kit

-paint the two soldiers and their raft from the revell pioneers kit.. Not sure what this piece will mean to my games at this point, but I have been dying to see it painted up.








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