Some Beauty Shots of a Normandy Vingette

After my Sunday game I stuck around to snap some shots of my new pieces with some oldies mixed in.  I guess a lot of the appeal of this hobby is reveling at your hard work on the board, especially when you are not able to do another game.

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I am going to try to finish all my projects related to Normandy to attempt a massive and fun trial of the BattleGroup Overlord rule set once it arrives.  I am looking forward to the rule-set to gain some more realism and other parameters for rules I never developed on my own in my house set.  I feel that the holes have produced some frustration, especially when selecting appropriate sized and matched armies.  I look forward to giving this a try at once.






2 comments on “Some Beauty Shots of a Normandy Vingette

  1. I like those piles of bricks Ted, what did you use?

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      These are pegasus small grey bricks which are about $4 USD per pack… A little indulgent, but my step mom supplied me with several packs among other things for Christmas this past year… I would like to find a reasonable and cheap way to mass produce them.

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