Weekend AAR of Operation Bagration Front

Another week in the books working hard to produce some new scenery and finish up my giant basing project.  I managed to finish off nearly 30 pine trees and 10 large 5′”-7″ deciduous trees (both of the woodland scenics range) and glued them to bases but did not have time to finish the aesthetic appearances of the bases, but bear with me as I was able to complete my PAK 38 crews, and new Normandy building meant to be a part of my “Saving Private Ryan,” inspired town of Rammelle.  I also nearly finished some new PSC wet stowage Shermans for a Normandy game planned for this weekend, but ultimately made me go back to wanting a eastern front battle, and saving a Normandy game for next weekend when I hopefully receive my pre-ordered copy of Battlegroup Overlord from Iron Fist Publishing/PSC.   Anyway, I opted to play a scenario of my own invention on the eastern front during 1944 summer.  Below is a map of the board, with the main objective being to hold/defend the bridge or take the bridge. We are currently using my house rules for skirmish games while awaiting our BG ruleset.

Kursk PAK Front

Lauren as the Soviets won the dice roll for choice of offense/defense, and chose to defend the bridge.  for her forces she chose:

-about 100 Infantry

-4 Zis 2 57mm AT

-2 Zis 3 76.2mm AT

-2 45mm AT

-2 SU-122s

-1 SU-76

-2 SU-85

-1 122mm Howitzer

-1 BT7


-11 T-34s   (she chose to reinforce on turn 4 with the majority of the infantry 85+ and all her T-34s, while deploying a PAK front of her Arty and Tank Destroyers)


The Germans led by yours truly had in their command initially:

around 40 Waffen SS panzer grenadiers

3 Panzer IVHs

2 StuH42s

3 Sdkfz 251/d

1 Panzerwerfer with two timed barrages coming on the 2nd and 3rd turns

and an Sdkfz 232 for recce,

with reinforcements on turn 5 of:

2 Panzer IIIJs

3 Panthers

2 Opel Blitzes  towing PAK 38 50mm

and an additional force of 25 Panzer Grenadiers of the 3rd Waffen SS division

below is a shot of the board at the start of the game.



Some shots of the PAK front at the start….



The Grenadiers and StuH42s take to the right flank


Simultaneously the Germans Send their armored car to recce the area by the bridge…




The German Recce destroys the BT-7 with a lucky roll and continues its patrol finding the PAK front and Calling in two separate rocket barrages from the Panzerwerfer.



Destroying;/killing the crews of the Soviet Arty.  Also the StuH42s take a couple of guns down in a barrage of their own.


the Panzer IVs move up to take some ground towards the river


A great shot of the StuH42s advancing


Along come the soviet reinforcements….


and subsequently the German reinforcements for a showdown of massive armor…

tk7eipIKJ4_s-YRFWA3ipZU1cBMygoHR9eIufpJbBow97jCP1oIi6FbhPY7waXeJGAFsi3y-HQmu3VrMRtW4EY 7DXSRyOhcbOFeGbLLpPhXUyi112tjTC0GXFIP4J1Ajc

The AAR to be continued in the next post!




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