Weekend Game AAR post part Deux

I left off with both forces massing their reinforcements at the end of turn 6 and bringing them for a major armor showdown.  The Germans have taken the PAK front out with almost no casualties aside from the Sdkfz 232 and one of the 2 StuH42s.



The Panzer grenadiers meet the T-34s and infantry as they move across the bridge to defend the left flank.



The Panther move swiftly up the other flank to try to cut off any soviet tanks that are advancing


Meanwhile the soviets take heavy casualties in the center of the board by the bridge, while the panthers move past some burning wreckage to attempt a river ford and encirclement of the rest of the soviet forces.


The Farm across the river is defended by a SU-85 in reserve as the twin Panthers try to roll past the main attack pouring over the bridge.  On the opposite flank the rest of the T-34s are destroyed by the PAK 38s which have been deployed to hold the center.




However the Panzer grenadiers take heavy casualties and also lose their Panzer III tank support from Arty fire.

Although it is too late as the Panthers complete the encirclement of the remaining soviet infantry which cannot find the morale to breakout of the enclosed pocket.



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