Homemade Frankenstein 17pdrs

After searching high and low for a reasonable option to supply my battlegroup with 17pdrs, I found there aren’t many options in 20mm let alone plastic. I could order metal sets with corresponding crew from one of the reputable manufacturers for a pretty price, or I could salvage some PSC barrel extras from the soviet Zis2/3 set. I used the long barreled Zis2 which is 57mm (a little smaller gauged than the 17pdrs 76mm) and carved it down a bit to look more the part. I used various pieces to create the wheelbase and gun shield from my spare parts box. I used spare shurzen from armorfast for the shields and sprue for the arms. I also found some photo etched pieces to recreate some details to give them a little flair. To reproduce the small ball shaped muzzle break I sculpted some miliput at the tip of the barrel. I will sand/file to shape it more once it cures.






I have ordered a set of Waterloo British Paras with Pack howitzers for crew. It comes with 6 crew for each of the three guns. Below are shots from Plastic soldier review site:




4 comments on “Homemade Frankenstein 17pdrs

  1. Nice work, the lack of 17 pounders is a real issue in a wargaming sense. Revell do have one with a Morris and Jeep (Ex Matchbox), but can be hard to find.

    Well done.

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      Thanks! I was actually looking at the prices of metal, and going to the dark side… Guess I will forgo that pleasure and expense for at least until I receive a major promotion…

  2. Chris Kemp says:

    That’s a nice pair of conversions that you’ve made. It’s refreshing to see that the crew set is only 25% made up of “men waving and pointing”. :O)

    Kind regards, Chris

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