Daimler and M20

Below are my finished Daimler Mk II by Hasegawa, and an Italeri M20.  Both sets were fun and easy builds, and I am planning on getting the corresponding M8 greyhound set from Italeri, as well as a humber Mk II from Hasegawa.  Both will be welcome additions to my growing needs for recce/coms units for the allies.  


UXaJ-0ykanTEhtHhaJ7Iq3Kuv8uOpx8A2WJ6dSZFWm8isdTl7DL2br2JSQdvxZVudA8EInu_6ZlrTCIZzRIZRkAt49i03B1qtGCuNT4V5kQYkFRvTEzEnoH111kkU5cU4u30uewLLA6_KkaqqkivNM_ztqxm20MEVYOtz0IG74xo U-r3HgqcrX95ioyKru8zm4phil7ZVQRzB64kcSu_ssQgR8x4TQ7wJFgDgeo4PPIt8oVt-8wMVqh5zIRNHRoM2A4augbF_1BacMlX7LURnfMlfVh6yXt8SZeBfdWJluaXs


4 comments on “Daimler and M20

  1. Thomas says:

    Oh, those are both very nice! I especially like the mud and dirt on the Daimler, looks very natural and realistic.

  2. Great work on these Ted. Well worn.

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