Some Late War Brits

I am building up a British army to field in my Battlegroup Overlord games.  So far I have 75 airborne troops painted and an additional 35+ Infantry from Revell’s sets Late War British, and ANZAC.  I will be supplementing in the future with Plastic Soldier Company’s outstanding Late War British Infantry Set as well as the Zvezda HMG (vickers I believe).  I also plan to add some Bren Gun Carriers from PSC, 4 Cromwell Tanks, and a pair of Achilles, along with some medium/heavy mortars from Hat, and tank riders to place into my M5 halftracks.  I already have a pair of chruchills, 5 fireflies, shermans galore, and a comet to give the british their own flair.  For Arty I made 2 17 pdrs, and have the old standby 1:76 Airfix 6Pdrs and 25Pdrs along with the bren carriers and Morris Quads.  So far I think my British are looking pretty dandy if I must say.


Here are some pics of the painted lads.  I am thinking of giving them a wash to bring out some of the details.  I just purchased two citadel washes (nuln oil (badab black), and Agrax Earthshade (used to be devlan mud)).  If anyone has any kind advice on how i can make these troops pop, I am all ears.


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4 comments on “Some Late War Brits

  1. Subedai says:

    I think a wash with Agrax Earthshade will work well. I’d try the uniform and gear first. For the skin, thinning it down might be better so it’s a bit lighter.

  2. Hi Ted, to make these figure post you definitely need a wash. I would think a serpia colour would tone down the webbing which looks a little light (Perhaps it was the flash?).

    Add wood for the rifles and Bren butts, and for the 2″Mortar and PIAT I would paint them a military green. Add gun metal for the Stens and Bren’s just to dull down the contrast.

    On the helmets use a Khaki colour where it is black and the wash should settle into the netting holes to add depth.

    This is just my thoughts on this plastic mass of goodness. Well done all around!

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