Some Craters and Foxholes

These emplacements were made from making a former from aluminum foil and covering with air drying clay. I used woodland scenics earth tone to color and static grass. Hope you enjoy it!

If anyone has a tip for preventing the clay edges from curling up when drying for a more flush finish with the table edge I would love to hear your tips!








2 comments on “Some Craters and Foxholes

  1. David M Peoples says:

    Looks great…….I like to use paper masche mixed with plaster to make gun nests and fighting positions for my 54mm WWII soldiers…….just wondered where you found the backdrop ,would like to have some like it ( north africa, europe, etc……)

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      Thanks Dave! The backdrop is from the Pegasus kit Ukrainian House number 1. It is a part of the box and now it is how I dress up my shots…. Thanks for the tip on gun emplacements!



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