AAR: Battle Near Carentan

To Commemorate the 69th anniversary of D-Day Lauren and I fought a Battle Group Overlord version of a Platoon Level game.  The battle was fought between elements of the 17th SS panzer grenadier division around a small village near Carentan and the 2rd US Armored Division taking place on June 13th 1944.  The US forces are probing a German Defensive line to break through and link up with the US Airborne troops holding the town itself.


Below are PDFs of the forces:

germans US forces


And here is the board layout with the Germans defending the town at the bottom edge of the map and holding secret positions in the bocage.  I simulated secret hidden units with unit markers created by basing and painting (ghosts) which are heavily dry-brushed to give them a hidden appearance.






Above a Sherman 105mm crosses a farm field to support the advancing column seen below in several pictures.


Above on the left is the Column on the Main Road…. some Sherman 76mm ready to engage the enemy!

Meanwhile a separate column (photo on the right) supports the far left flank (US perspective).



The American Commander is Caught on Camera by a German Scout with a look of pure disgust….






Armor is rolling quickly to the town….. unopposed…???!!!


The photo on the right is a view from the Right Flank (US perspective)



A German sniper is spotting the US Armor along the roads from the Church’s Bell tower



A Puma and FAO team in a Kublewagon lurk behind a ruined building…. awaiting the left flank column….


Two “Ghost” unit markers in the town being held in reserves



Also a PAK 40 is on Ambush awaiting the column in a 2nd tier defense line just outside the town…



However in the first tier is an MG, Rifle Squad with Panzer Faust lying in ambush for the column as it is moving into close contact.


The PanzerFausts open fire from point blank and destroy the first two Shermans that are advancing along the main road.


The Tiger which is hidden between two buildings open fires on the other flank’s column and scores another hit!!!



Awaiting the the far right flank’s maneuvering M36 Jackson is a Jagdpanzer IV…..



The Jagdpanzer rolls over a friendly mine which the US commander drew as  battle counter….. and is destroyed without impacting the game…. this is a big loss for the German defenders.


A German MG/Rifle Squad moves up the right flank meeting the oncoming M36 and destroys it with a panzerFaust.





Meanwhile on the left flank the US general brings up the 3″ anti-tank gun to check the Tiger at the roads convergence and deploys it to stop any flanking maneuver. . However a close assault from a hidden grenadier squad quickly kills off the defenseless gun crew.



Above are some shot from the assaulting Germans’ Perspective….


The Germans reposition the Opel and deploying it to carry panzer grenadier squads to support the right flank, and the left is pretty secure from advancing armor.  However the germans are losing troops in the bocage to mortar fire and off-table artillery support.

The Tiger swings around to begin a flanking move up the far left side of the board…


The US Infantry close assault the german panzer grenadiers in the bocage and nearly wipe out the whole squad thanks to the BAR attached to it!   This is the last straw as the German squad have only a single man who is surrounded and must draw a battle counter.  This is one too many casualties and the Germans must call all forces to retreat and the battle is over with the US victorious.  Below the German forward HQ is preparing for a strategic withdrawal towards the center of Carentan.




All in All a most enjoyable game!  Hope you enjoyed it too!






8 comments on “AAR: Battle Near Carentan

  1. DaveM says:

    Nice one !

    Cheers, Dave

  2. Dave Bunte says:

    just discovered your blog! how could I miss a blog devoted to 1/72. some really nice work here.

  3. Piers Brand says:

    Glad to see fun being had with BGO!

    • tigerlaxer05 says:


      I’m a big fan of your work! You and Warwick sure do know how to make an awesome ruleset/army list!! Just bought BGK and am looking forward to FoTR!!! Thanks for looking!



      • Piers Brand says:

        Just testing FotR at present… Its a toughie all right. Puts the Germans between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

        Off to the Bovvy show next week to discuss the next releases for 2014 and 2015 with Mr. Kinrade and squeeze in a 1000 point BGO game…

      • tigerlaxer05 says:

        Sounds undoubtedly like a major challenge, but worthwhile nonetheless!! I will keep checking on your posts over at your blog and at Mr. Kinrade’s! Thanks for looking!!

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