Battlegroup Overlord AAR: Meeting Engagement Around Caen

Last Weekend Lauren and I played a large platoon level game around Caen where the Germans and British are meeting at a town towards the center of the board.  The objectives are located in a few of the key buildings in the town as the Germans are tasked with shutting down the onslaught of British Armor Probing for a bridgehead.  Below is the board layout from the German’s perspective.



And here is the PDFs of the two forces:

Germans Normandy Brits Armoured


Some shots of the Germans from their point of advance:

WeMPH8vv5ZmiRJPAW6T7QfSeVWDkt3L-MFVVF8zY9xcvMlGe4ls7C3sbPe8KX7PToBpD8CrLrCTBEKLHTjuEvAQWQv5M6_oliUQi7p_EWJG34ZMP8PiongFYggHrsBwbUMaiT0-O4KsCpPwqwqrZfGSoYcby-B4wM7nckDThDT2EERmZO0vqIChqF8JIyVTkUQAxA4iOO55r4B6cRzOYIdkB54tb3uo4qAwZx2L2HGwmVCy2nZBB3FtvJgqWmv0vR0cKnUagotjLIlXPAZaqENGN8GmIS6sWxJvh_53FYCVxM CcBUXTrLmWrHxD0J4a5NaC6Vw2jBPU-1vT9cx4rdP68

A Shot of the Main street from the East:



And some shots of the British at the start:

UjlBpqVI6eauPd_zvq0kfotiiNahDSTvhW3YLPFBdmwoE_urBPv1Jfb_-Q4aDE3Cb2Dr6vCYnTeQUDWiesvhGUEY-v5Lk9YJRS1364HI3iwMG4NpZ8jFFKAlsTI9xtnh8 CHyF4jL78-CWeCGSl3cLWHJU5ABEq1wY6ekQX1RxWBE


Some Brit Armor Makes it way up the flanks to capture the ville and the first objective:

Nu9MLg7F73ZUOQsO1HtaIZ_z-SrS6eqjROlp2FsYSIY ntRf4lCjj2STsMggF3EDglbuQGQ9vWGBift3a-81Ct0

While a 17 Pdr is deployed to cover the main road:



The Panther Creeps up to take a position on the other side of the hedge:




While there is some armor action in the town center:



And a Firefly takes out the Stug IV:



An Achilles destroys a probing Puma While a Marder also falls victim:

eXsAQv0ydYwBvaNwgiT40Iprb5WvgxJLPy1BAi_ilkE dhNYJecMRH9WYs1kW8uwx5UWdcLSRLfn2cbKd6VPLt4 denise monologue2FbJzbyAYvoaav-PTafXc_mcmO8ws-RKtUKewrSRns-g


As the Achilles advance up the road and one is sniped by a panther:



Some more action and close assault in the town Centre:

vA1grOzNut5rM2GZ4jSJNy6RstKIEClNAoDf9uFGe5M sCBusMrecHY7lZw8SFRDB26MlZdI1K4dkaIeMGSHuxQ pUMBwFV-adEX75B1KWAFPXxYA7unz8V6vn1HckbDAvg mn3EpdYedxbutDo16nQLrDxtXK6nIQv5Evykxlv9YwM mIB2F5Zn2VYIRVMORB1v0WMURwHk4dgYLrYOij9WUQU KnXNntiGM2QMAm2sucKXhsmwzSs2Gp6CHxh5Uq7wHRg kBli_18dx4C-hpOBWq9DbIWZkndMp8YorRBuVVmapyc iH9-byzqUVgwdCc2-yzvife7XtlQ9Dlh4Tdc4MxFD3M g1ChSSRFkfkw7huEdZOdgT96kHDys--nCEj3P_zWbd8 _d59Vh3dPX8dC9aYv591GvTnJl6VQJypUg43JzTeopI


And the Typhoon utilizes a successful airstrike against the advancing column of Germans:

xw6P4YvCuA9env-40wdenlmFYGiq6m_TGcze-58ToCs WZdOYpEZ_bmOtJt3kzc7odRwN2JqjVJYo2OSS50XK4kUUchUVQNgB-GGBxZ73ZPsQvh2MpVd_BnCl3iZH-mBcE


With the Germans Suppressed and running low on battle counters the Achilles sweeps towards German HQ (pictured below) and the final objective the farm:

ReTFjJIQWQLF67EkUpnOdgPMQDw7baKA2omViNOqgBwRfq40qWCVsa9983eMeiCS-7cdobtyZvf0NUCOWswCTc  lZbQuClXutw7XAxXU2haKoaVb8txoUdi1QznpMIp0Jg gknihWEkPs_rOKexBpsekyKi7kakLLk4g_-BfWpE6gE 4g8p1Z3_PVDVMrMe2nlRODNzUpNS9i4hQIbnji1htWs 4ann8HS4iCTTs2cMKtPMF3W2UYP91Jr7M8mxFK85Jgo

And the remaining Panther is destroyed and the farm/HQ captured as the battle counters for the Germans Expire:



Great Win for Lauren who was commanding the Brits!  Hope you enjoyed this AAR!








6 comments on “Battlegroup Overlord AAR: Meeting Engagement Around Caen

  1. DaveM says:

    Nice game. Lauren’s Typhoon needs a stand so her arm doesn’t get tired !

    Cheers, Dave

  2. Your Blog ROCKS! always enjoy reading you AAR’s and a big salute from Montreal !

  3. Katharina says:

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Very useful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care
    for such info much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

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