Horsa Glider

Amidst all the Terrain projects that I will post later, I was able to squeeze in an Italeri Horsa Glider I picked up on Ebay.  I think it will add nicely to any scenarios which call for glider troops, and I plan on using it in my next Arnhem, or Pegasus Bridge game.  I am on a real British Airborne kick and have plans/desires to build some airborne special jeeps with twin vickers.  I think they will do nicely with my current setup.

rxLvLi9w6uF_xnwiy02WcS1WHzPHQ1LNFGeBYakJFPM ybtwWX5T9tFv7Dcc9Ge3mDhXoHe_1f6W3WTaX2x7pmE5xBbgVgeH6vVNECLEEgvRWHGDZeO7GAjw2Vu4oaKA-4cF1qs3W-6zP73Cy68rOxuR8CXXDwQmX4_C1vc7mImqo


Unfortunately the kit’s decals were a misprint and did not have the blue pigment.  I will have to get some blue paint to complete this model.  I also had some difficulty with the line painting.  It was a fun kit but a challenge none-the-less.


7 comments on “Horsa Glider

  1. Nice job on this Ted. A very useful item.

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