SdKfz. 222 Dragon

I put up a cry for help on the boards over at the Guild for some 222 kits.  Dragon made a nice 1+1 kit with PE parts (the kit is currently Out of Production) and a friendly Guild member Steve had a spare kit to sell me.  Here are some pics of one of the finished models:


IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4497 IMG_4496 IMG_4495 IMG_4494 IMG_4493


Early War Miniatures/20mm Zone review

In my quest to build and fill out some more rare and non-existent in plastic form kits I have been exploring the realm of resin and came across the website for the late skytrex/hinchcliff line.  I recently on the boards over at the Guild found out two guys bought the moulds and are in the process of recasting all the old kits to offer at very reasonable prices.  They also were advertising some of their recent and first attempts at redoing the old kits from the hinchcliff line.  These kits were of captured German SPGs, which is exactly the first kit in resin that I was hunting down.  It fell into my lap as I had been trying to get a hold of a lorraine PAK 40 for some flavor and was planning on deploying it to my new HJ panzergrenadier division.  With the offerings were also the 105 and 150 models and a beobachtung artillery observation vehicle.  I decided on principle that I must order at least 3 to justify any postage expense from the UK.  I went with the 150, the PAK 40 and observation vehicle and they gents at EWM threw in a packet of german stowage for free!!!


I received top notch service and communication from Paul and Ian at EWM and the package arrived in an astounding 6-7 days from the UK to New York City.  I was amazed to open it and start working on these beauties shortly after my order shipped!  These are my first resin/metal kits and I was very pleased at the look and quality of the moulds.  I did some minor cleanup of the metal to get rid of flash and was on my way.  below are some pics of the assembly and paintjobs:

IMG_4446 IMG_4445 IMG_4444 IMG_4443 IMG_4442 IMG_4441


These kits come with some crew cast in white metal.  I will give them a go once I obtain a tool to cut off the bases

IMG_4492 IMG_4491 IMG_4490 IMG_4489 IMG_4488 IMG_4487 IMG_4486 IMG_4485 IMG_4484 IMG_4483 IMG_4482 IMG_4481 IMG_4480 IMG_4479 IMG_4478 IMG_4477 IMG_4476 IMG_4475 IMG_4474


These three kits are a handsome addition to my Germans, and I want to thank Ian and Paul over at EWM/20mmzone for buying up the old skytrex moulds and making resin kit accessible to me!!  I will definitely be ordering more kits once they put some more moulds into production.  I am most looking forward to buying up some nice british and german trucks, and rare bits like the M18 hellcat.  I suggest taking a look at their website for updates!




Ted Maturo



Some Birthday Goodness

My lovely Lauren bought me some nice new reinforcements for my allies for my Birthday.  Some PSC M5 Stuarts, PSC Universal Carriers, and some LAH and 7th Armoured Div. Decals from the  The warstore is the place to go for any PSC products here in the states as they offer the best discount prices.  Anyway here are the results from the lovely order, from my lovely Lauren:


IMG_4473 IMG_4472 IMG_4471 IMG_4470 IMG_4469 IMG_4468 IMG_4467 IMG_4466 IMG_4465 IMG_4464 IMG_4463 IMG_4462

500 Point AAR from Battle Group Kursk

Lauren and I played a small 500 point fictional scenario set around Kursk.  I was the Germans and she the Russians.  We played a couple Sundays ago and had a blast.  It is funny how much different games play in a Normandy Bocage table than a more open one like the steppes of Russia.  In the bocage it is a grind and slow moving, while in the plains of Russia it is fast and exciting.  Below are some shots from the game, unfortunately due to time restraints we were not able to record the play by play so all I have to offer are pictures and the finale which had Lauren defeat my German panzer army handily.  All in all a very fun day!




IMG_4387 IMG_4435 IMG_4434 IMG_4433 IMG_4432 IMG_4431 IMG_4430 IMG_4429 IMG_4428 IMG_4427 IMG_4426 IMG_4425 IMG_4424 IMG_4423 IMG_4422 IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4418 IMG_4417 IMG_4416 IMG_4415 IMG_4414 IMG_4413 IMG_4412 IMG_4411 IMG_4410 IMG_4409 IMG_4408 IMG_4405 IMG_4404 IMG_4403 IMG_4402 IMG_4401 IMG_4400 IMG_4399 IMG_4398 IMG_4397 IMG_4396 IMG_4395 IMG_4394 IMG_4393 IMG_4392 IMG_4391 IMG_4390 IMG_4389 IMG_4388

Reinforcements for the 6th Airborne

One of my big projects is to make a good sized battlegroup for a Holland 44′ campaign.  I have 1.5 platoons painted up and ready with 75mm pack howitzers, so I have decided to beef this group up with some more support options.  My goal is to have 2 platoons with nice support options, recce jeeps, a command jeep, jeep tows for 6 Pdrs, and Jeep tows for 75mm pack howitzers.  Basically I need 5-6 jeeps and some additional reinforcements in terms of metal men.  I have scoured the internet for some reasonable options and in this first wave of reinforcements I have decided to start by painted 15 of the revell and esci holdover plastics to round out a platoon.  I also did some head swaps to incorporate more berets into the mix.  With head swaps I turned a Brit 2″ mortar from the revell set into another para mortar for platoon level support, and an old revell ANZAC vickers gun with crew into a nice piece for the para platoon.


As for the jeep project, I started with a couple of bodged jeep driver converts from airfix bofors crews with ESCI para heads on fully loaded airfix willys jeeps.  I am starting out with two jeeps, one recce, one that could double serve as a tow or recce.  Both jeeps have a nice amount of stowage that I provided from my spares box.

Phase two of this project will be to order more plastic jeeps- either going to grab up more airfix kits or also try some S Models which comes in a 2 pack, and then kit them out to round out a nice corp of jeeps.  The crews I am coveting are from AB, and I would like the officers and radio set that AB makes as well… all around beautiful work, and eventually I want to explore what AB full offerings are for the war table.  However with limited funds I don’t see phase 2 going into effect until the new year.


Below are some shots of the new pieces I have made:

hope you enjoy!






IMG_4520 IMG_4538 IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4534 IMG_4533 IMG_4532 IMG_4531 IMG_4530 IMG_4529 IMG_4528 IMG_4527 IMG_4526 IMG_4525 IMG_4524 IMG_4523 IMG_4522 IMG_4521

Autumn Waffen SS Repaint

Hello readers, I have been away for a few weeks because of starting a new job and spending the majority of my free hours painting instead of posting pictures.  I also have lost my wifi capabilities with my phone which is where I would post some of the less tedious and wordy posts.  Anyways I have a lot of content coming out from projects that I have been working on before re-upping for the last quarter of the year.


One of these projects is some Autumn Colored Waffen SS.  I had painted some pegasus ss as my first painting experiment a little less than a year ago, and after looking at the mess they were decided to get them to my current painting standard.  Mixed in are some old ESCI poses and revell panzergrenadiers with a couple armourfast mortars for good measure.  This mini platoon will help create a good look for a mid-late war fall campaign.  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4358 IMG_4357 IMG_4356 IMG_4355 IMG_4354 IMG_4353 IMG_4352 IMG_4351 IMG_4350 IMG_4349 IMG_4348 IMG_4347 IMG_4346 IMG_4345 IMG_4344