Autumn Waffen SS Repaint

Hello readers, I have been away for a few weeks because of starting a new job and spending the majority of my free hours painting instead of posting pictures.  I also have lost my wifi capabilities with my phone which is where I would post some of the less tedious and wordy posts.  Anyways I have a lot of content coming out from projects that I have been working on before re-upping for the last quarter of the year.


One of these projects is some Autumn Colored Waffen SS.  I had painted some pegasus ss as my first painting experiment a little less than a year ago, and after looking at the mess they were decided to get them to my current painting standard.  Mixed in are some old ESCI poses and revell panzergrenadiers with a couple armourfast mortars for good measure.  This mini platoon will help create a good look for a mid-late war fall campaign.  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4358 IMG_4357 IMG_4356 IMG_4355 IMG_4354 IMG_4353 IMG_4352 IMG_4351 IMG_4350 IMG_4349 IMG_4348 IMG_4347 IMG_4346 IMG_4345 IMG_4344


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