Early War Miniatures/20mm Zone review

In my quest to build and fill out some more rare and non-existent in plastic form kits I have been exploring the realm of resin and came across the website for the late skytrex/hinchcliff line.  I recently on the boards over at the Guild found out two guys bought the moulds and are in the process of recasting all the old kits to offer at very reasonable prices.  They also were advertising some of their recent and first attempts at redoing the old kits from the hinchcliff line.  These kits were of captured German SPGs, which is exactly the first kit in resin that I was hunting down.  It fell into my lap as I had been trying to get a hold of a lorraine PAK 40 for some flavor and was planning on deploying it to my new HJ panzergrenadier division.  With the offerings were also the 105 and 150 models and a beobachtung artillery observation vehicle.  I decided on principle that I must order at least 3 to justify any postage expense from the UK.  I went with the 150, the PAK 40 and observation vehicle and they gents at EWM threw in a packet of german stowage for free!!!


I received top notch service and communication from Paul and Ian at EWM and the package arrived in an astounding 6-7 days from the UK to New York City.  I was amazed to open it and start working on these beauties shortly after my order shipped!  These are my first resin/metal kits and I was very pleased at the look and quality of the moulds.  I did some minor cleanup of the metal to get rid of flash and was on my way.  below are some pics of the assembly and paintjobs:

IMG_4446 IMG_4445 IMG_4444 IMG_4443 IMG_4442 IMG_4441


These kits come with some crew cast in white metal.  I will give them a go once I obtain a tool to cut off the bases

IMG_4492 IMG_4491 IMG_4490 IMG_4489 IMG_4488 IMG_4487 IMG_4486 IMG_4485 IMG_4484 IMG_4483 IMG_4482 IMG_4481 IMG_4480 IMG_4479 IMG_4478 IMG_4477 IMG_4476 IMG_4475 IMG_4474


These three kits are a handsome addition to my Germans, and I want to thank Ian and Paul over at EWM/20mmzone for buying up the old skytrex moulds and making resin kit accessible to me!!  I will definitely be ordering more kits once they put some more moulds into production.  I am most looking forward to buying up some nice british and german trucks, and rare bits like the M18 hellcat.  I suggest taking a look at their website for updates!  http://earlywarminiatures.com/




Ted Maturo




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