Some new/refurbed German Armor

It has been awhile since my last post.  I have been very busy at work, and have also lost my wifi to my phone so it takes a lot of data to blog from the phone, and I share a computer with my fiancée.  Either way these are all weak excuses for not posting some of the work I have done lately.  I decided to upload the pics on her computer at home and use lunchtime at work to post them.  I guess that is what you call dedication.

On to the kits:

I have been on a refurbing rampage and have gone back to bring old kits to the current standard.  The first kit is an old Revell Panther A/G from my childhood.  This kit underwent a refurb last year, but with new techniques I felt that it could use a boost in appearance, and wanted to make it look similar to the two new panthers from PSC in order to round out a company of panthers.  Below it is the fellow with the number 1 on the turret.  I love this kit, however when it was build in 1997 I was not yet proficient at the link and length style tracks that are a part of the revel kit.  Therefore the tracks are rather dodgy in my opinion.  Nonetheless a welcome addition to my Normandy forces.

The second refurb in the works was an armourfast StuH42 that I built last Christmas and hastily painted in an eastern front scheme.  I was not pleased with the overall result and due to the fact that I wanted to field this assault howitzer in a 1944 Normandy or Holland battle and feeling that I did not need two of these beasts for the east, I went with the idea to repaint it to reflect a more western-front look.  I used a picture of a StuH42 from the Arnhem campaign to base the camo-scheme.

Finally, we have a brand new addition to the forces….. A beautiful Dragon Jagdpanther Early Production with Zimmerit.  I love dragon kits and if I only need a single tank will probably purchase them as often as I can due to the overall quality of manufacture and ease of build.  The kit features Photo-etched parts as well as metal screens that go over the engine housing.  The zimmerit also looks brilliant.  I will play this large cat in Normandy and Holland as well for 1944 battles.  I also have another revel Jagdpanther that will be repainted to reflect a very late 1944-1945 look.  Below are shots of the finished product.  I hope you enjoy!






IMG_4836 IMG_4835 IMG_4834 IMG_4833 IMG_4832 IMG_4831 IMG_4830 IMG_4829 IMG_4828 IMG_4827 IMG_4826 IMG_4825 IMG_4824 IMG_4823IMG_4804 IMG_4803 IMG_4802 IMG_4801 IMG_4800 IMG_4799 IMG_4798


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