T-34/76 mod 1943

A couple of T-34s to round out the old T-34 company! Hope you like them!









2 comments on “T-34/76 mod 1943

  1. Beaty says:

    Nice! I’ve always been impressed with Armourfast’s T-34s, they are good value for tabletop games and can be ‘dressed up’ to look really good. I think that the turret on their model 1943 is particularly good. Well done!

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      Big fan of armourfast for my allies and Russians. Seems that you are right about them easily being dressed up! I am planning on doing some M10s soon for my US guys and want to do a couple more Cromwells with some hessian camo… that will be in the distant future though.

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