Wargaming Blog Excellence Award

This past Friday I was greeted by a very nice note nominating me for the “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award,” by TinPot Revolutionary.  I was riding the train at the time and felt to do the award justice I would need a full computer to write my response.  I accept the award that was so graciously given to me by TinPot whose blog is magnificent!  I was especially impressed by his work on micro armor and scenery.  Thank you TinPot for the nomination!

I am too a neophyte in the world of blogging I while I had heard in passing of a Liebster award I was fairly certain I would not be nominated just yet, and was ecstatic that someone would think of my blog for such an award.  As I read on TinPot’s Blog, and as he so eloquently puts it:

“After consulting the omniscient Google, I found this helpful article all about it. For those as ignorant as I was, a Liebster award is given from bloggers to other bloggers to recognise and help promote their sites, a rather philanthropic idea I’m sure you will agree.”

Below are my answers to the questions set by TinPot Revolutionary:

1. What period, scale and manufacturer did you favor when playing toy soldiers as a child? (Mine was 1:72 scale Matchbox WWII)

I would say WWII 1:72 ESCI because of a hobby shop that carried these kits and the affordability of collecting any units I saw fit with mere pocket change.  I went from the large green plastic soldier of generic make (owning dozens of the same pose) to being able to have all different kinds of smaller and therefore more easily collected armies.  I expanded to Napoleonics and then model tanks and other manufacturers, but it all started from the ESCI boxes.  My favorite modeling kits were probably Hasegawa or Revell because of the availability and breadth of what they offered at that time.  I must say these day with the internet and much more disposable income I have really flourished in expanding my collection with all kinds of premium kits from resins to the amazing sculpts from AB and TQD and SHQ.  I feel like I am in a golden age for this hobby/wargaming right now!

2. What was your best war-gaming experience?

Out of many amazing experiences, the most amazing experience was meeting my wife Lauren… I know that you are probably thinking what the hell does that have to do with wargaming?  Well I found an amazing woman who found my eccentric hobby to be of great interest to her and she has not only supported my desire to spend much of my time playing with little men, but has been my best opponent as we usually play 1-2 games monthly.  We will probably play more often when we move from our studio apartment in NYC to a place where we can leave the board up overnight or through the week so that we can take our time playing a move or two (1-2 hours) each night.  She also is not cynical of my purchases and I have never had to hide the expensive ones from her… she has actually encouraged it and gifted me with many of what you see in my collection today.  Lauren also reads to me aloud while I paint.  We enjoy mysteries, histories, and biographies.  There are so many enjoyable experiences that we share in the hobby, and one day we hope to cross the Atlantic and visit one of the major wargaming conventions in England- perhaps Bovington!

3. If you had to ‘fight the tank’, which period, crew position and tank would you choose to do it in?

I know that my response is probably cheap given the vast inferiority of most all other tanks in WWII, but I would love to be the commander of a Panther Tank.  The mobility, armor and firepower all contribute to make this one of the great tanks of WWII.  However, it would have been tough to be in any tank in this period particularly on the German side with the Allies having dominant air superiority and would probably blow me and my crew up from the skies- scary thought.  I always admired Michael Wittmann, Earnst Barkmann, and Otto Carius.  However given the fate of the war and the potential for a very short lifespan, I think I would have been more happy/safe commanding a division!

Now for the Nominations:

I nominate http://brooklynwargaming.com/ as a fellow New Yorker and group that promotes the hobby.  I have never interacted directly with this group, but have always admired reading their blog.  Recent post have included a major project with micro-armor- something that I find very intriguing.

I also nominate http://jacksarge.blogspot.com.au/ -Jacksarge has provided me with much inspiration in painting and modeling with his amazing painting style.  I mainly follow his work over at the Guild, and he turned my on to the Scalescnenes buildings which are excellent, detailed, cheap paper kits that you print yourself and assemble onto card.  He has truly inspired and informed my hobby, so  I would like to honor him by nominating him with this prestigious award!

And finally my questions for the nominees:

1. How did you become interested in wargaming and modeling, and at age did you begin this hobby?

2.  What is your favorite WWII military division (i.e. 101st Screaming Eagles, Panzer Lehr, etc.) and why? (allied or axis)

3.  Who is your favorite historical military leader or general and why?

Please forgive me if I have not figured out the mechanics of following and appropriately tagging my nominations and nominees.  any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!



PS as I was typing this post I received a massive order from TQD!!! excited for the unboxing!!!

5 comments on “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award

  1. Great Post! Very interesting answers to the questions as well. I moved on to Revell miniatures myself, though I always loved the box art of Matchbox. Congratulations on finding love through wargaming, that’s very awesome! 🙂

  2. I must second that! Very inspirational story to share your hobby with your significant other in this way!

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