Year End Totals and What’s on the Workbench Now

Hello all, hope you had a very Merry Christmas and also have a wonderful start to the New Year!  Santa was very good to me and I now have some amazing new additions to be revealed shortly…..

In looking at my yearly build over on the guild, I tallied up my totals for the year and this is what I got:

11 Halftracks
719 Figures
46 Tanks, SPGs, TDs
11 Guns
20 pieces of Misc. Scenery
6 Armoured Cars
7 Softskins
7 Buildings
6 AARs

Should be back strong in 2015 with a large collection of AB figures that will be my new Normandy SS army and also some misc. Armour to support… Milicast Lorraine 75, Sdkfz 251/1 (Panzer Lehr), and Sdkfz250/3 (for Ost SS HQ)… Also have lots of other kits to get started on with many awesome surprises in the works!

Merry Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy New Year!




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