UNI M4A3E8 Sherman 

below are some shots of a UNI Sherman I built and painted about a month ago.  Happy with the result, but the kit was a major bitch to build… I have a 2nd one to build, but I think I’m going to hold off for now… Yikes!



The software is a mix of milicast, blackdog, Valuegear, and bits from the spares bin.


British Airborne Project

below are some group shots of the entirety of my British airborne forces.  Further in the post I will comment on the individual pieces that have not been seen yet, (some of these are from previous posts as well).  This is it for now for this project, although eventually I want to collect all the remaining poses from AB, and I would like to model the airborne 6pdrs in towin mode… Guess I’ll have to wait until I get some more funds… Perhaps I will complete it leading up to a September game to commemorate the glorious battle of Arnhem!  Hope you enjoy!



Here are some SHQ riders in the trailer that I just completed

And next are some AB/TQD foot soldiers to add to the collection

And some shots of my 6pdrs and 75mm howitzers crews and tows… The guns are brand new additions the 75s are Airfix, and the 6pdrs are Early War Miniatures 20mm zone.

And next I am showing off some new 17pdrs with C8 Morris tows from Revell with SHQ riders…. Gun crews are previously painted Waterloo figures

And finally some brand new Airfix jeeps with AB crewmen and SHQ stowage/conversion kits, Valuegear and other SHQ bits…. Been waiting a long time to finish off this part of the jeep project and I am very happy with results!!