Sherman Additions

Here are two stock Italeri Shermans built out of the box.  They will add numbers to my growing US forces.
Hope you enjoy!




3 comments on “Sherman Additions

  1. DaveM says:

    Ted, I know I’ve asked this before but those ‘W’ serial numbers have me baffled. Can you shed any light?

    Cheers, Dave

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      Hey Dave,

      Just used the decals from the kit…

      Here’s an explanation of US markings in WWII

      • DaveM says:

        Thanks for the link Ted. I really don’t recall ever seeing WWII US tank serial numbers other than 30- or USA 30- so that was complete news to me. Must look through some more of my books when I have time but I am certain Terence Wise (my usual favourite reference) doesn’t mention the W prefix at all. More research required! Thanks again…

        Cheers, Dave

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