scalescenes refurbs and small terraced houses.

here is some completed work on some scalescenes projects.  I just completed construction on the small terraced houses and added basses to all buildings and weathering, and detail work; primarily additions of window shutters and greenery.  Hope you enjoy!




6 comments on “scalescenes refurbs and small terraced houses.

  1. jacksarge says:

    Very well done! Some familiar looking buildings there from Scalescenes 🙂

    • tigerlaxer05 says:

      I feel honored for your comments! I did of course find much inspiration from your lovely rendition and of course learned about scalescenes from you blog!

      • jacksarge says:

        Thanks Ted.
        Part of the challenge with these kits is simplifying them for wargames use – I think I would do some things differently if I built that first terrace again, like figuring out how to take the roofs off in one piece 🙂

      • tigerlaxer05 says:

        I didn’t even stick with the terraces to make the roof removable… It was too frustrating for my taste, but I was very impressed by your feat of engineering!!!

  2. Very impressive what the addition of some details do to cardboard houses! Looks splendid.

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