I’m on a major British kick and decided to repaint all my Armour and also add new pieces, eventually creating a lush army of AB figures.  Below is the beginning of the project with pics of refurbed fireflies and M4A4s from armoufast with mated parts from the PSC kits which are shown complete with Micky mouse pattern camo.  There are revell C8 Morris trucks and a pair of italeri 25pdr with AB crew and 20mm zone shells.  Stowage is assorted milicast, valuegear, PSC, and Blackdog.  6pdrs in towing mode are also 20mm zone.
Hope you enjoy!


Up next are a load of cromwells a single firefly, and a Daimler AC.

Also on the bench is a tree stand.


2 comments on “British 

  1. DaveM says:

    GREAT !!!!!

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