British Additions

below are shots of a pair of italeri Morris Quads with Limbers and PSC drivers.  Also painted up a refurbished undetermined make of a british jeep for HQ/FAO.  The Stowage is SHQ, and Milicast.  Hope you enjoy!



5 comments on “British Additions

  1. Nice work, but oops! “Caution left hand drive” goes on the back of the vehicle – it’s not much use up here on the hood (where the white air recognition star belongs); back in the 40’s arm signals were used far more often than lights which would usually be blacked out anyway 😉

  2. You’re welcome! I know there’s no space to put it on the back of the Jeep with the canvas down, but if you think about it it wouldn’t be needed then anyway…… here it is with it raised though

    Oh, and Royal Artillery flashes are mostly blue BTW (I’m an ex gunner!)

  3. DavidM says:

    The Italeri Quad is so much nicer than the Airfix! At the risk of seeming fixated on Bridge classes, I think that a Quad would usually display two numbers showing the weight of the Quad under the combined weight with tows, eg:

    Cheers, Dave

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