Ost Halftracks LAH

Here are some sdkfz 250/251 to make up my ost LAH.  The models are PSC and Italeri, with PSC and Caesar crew, valuegear, PSC, and loic stowage.  Ran out of SS license plate decal so had to use Heer ones.  Hope you enjoy!



Up next will be some accompanying Marders. 



Here are some pictures of some scenics projects I have been working on.  I made about 15 feet of these river pieces out of cloth and caulk.  The bridge is italeri, and the buildings are Jens Najewitz with some gamecraft miniatures dormers.  Hope you enjoy!


here are some pieces that will help bring some loose ends together for my Brits… The figures are all AB- crews for the Achilles have been head swapped.  Trucks are new airfix and refurbs, truck load is Valuegear, Achilles are Armourfast with S and S modification pack.