British Airborne

In the theme of Battlegroup Market Garden, I have added to my British Airborne. Figures are AB and Blitz, Jeep is by blitz, and 6pdrs are early war Miniatures. Hope you enjoy!




Normandy Trip

My Wife and I just got back from a 10 day trip to France, including a 3 day stop in Normandy.  Together we visited many of the major locations, and did some battlefield detective work, to find some lesser visited places.  We started out stalking the Canadian movement towards Carpiquet on D+1 around Norrey and Rots, then made our way to Omaha Beach.  From there we say Carentan, Valognes, St. Come Du Mont, and ended our first day in the Cotentin Peninsula.  Day 2 we drove around the bocage, visited Utah Beach, The Crisbecq Battery, St. Mere Eglise, Villers Bocage, Hill 112, and ended our day at the Pegasus Bridge Museum and memorial.  I would highly recommend for any WWII enthusiasts or wargamer to visit Normandy as it bring life to the history that is so important to our hobby.  Below are pictures from our trip!  Hope you enjoy!



The Bocage in Normandy was so much denser than I expected with sunken lanes, and high embankments.  My wife and I got lost coming back from dinner in the bocage and it was by the grace of god that we found our bed and breakfast.  Really gives some idea of how difficult the fighting must have been through the thick and densely wooded areas.  Here are Some Pictures of Bocage in the Cotentin…..



Downtown Carentan:

We drove through Carentan to see the area from Episode 3 of Band of Brothers.  We missed Bloody Gulch, and next time would try to find the spot that the Germans counterattacked the 101st.


Utah Beach and Crisbeq Battery


Dead Man’s Corner Museum…A must see for any airborne enthusiasts… also an amazing source for militaria and replica/authentic wartime paraphernalia.


A lovely bovine in Hedgerow country…


Examples of Normandy Architecture..


St. Mere Eglise….. Amazingly preserved and awe inspiring visit.  It is situated on top of a hill so it is obvious how strategically important it was for the invasion.


Shot of Omaha Beach and Armor at Nearby Museum….


British Airborne Museum/Pegasus Bridge…


Hill 112… My wife and I made it a point to follow the advance of operation Epsom up to Hill 112.  It was interesting to see the actual terrain of the battle we have played out in miniature form.


Kampfgruppe Normandy AAR- scenario 

Here are some shots of my game with my wife.  We played a scenario from Kampfgruppe Normandy with Battlegroup Rules. She was the British, and I the Germans.  I defeated her in a quick game of 6 turns.  Also can be seen my newly painted early war miniatures flexible road system.  I am very impressed by the quality and will surely go back to buy their rural roads.  Hope you enjoy!