SS Normandy cont.

Here are some panzer IVs and an Sdkfz 251/1D for my Normandy HJ forces.  Tanks are revell and dragon, decals are Dan Taylor Modelworks, Halftracks is Hasegawa with revell tracks.  Figures are AB and Blitz.

Hope you enjoy!




1st SS Panzer Corpes Normandy Additions

one of my major projects this past year which is ongoin is building up the 1st SS Panzer Corpes for Normandy… Essentially an Army of LASSH and HJ divisional troops.  First up is a couple shots of AB crew in a stug III I recently completed:

Next are three Panthers to represent some famously camoflaged cats serving in the LASSH in Normandy.  Two are PSC and the third is a Dragon dicast prepaint.  Some PSC stowage and AB crewman added for effect:

Next is a revell Sdkfz 251/9 c for the HJ with valuegear and PSC stowage and SHQ crew:

Next are a Marder III M and Flakpanzer 38t both are altaya dicast prepaints that I repainted and added PSC and valuegear stowage and AB crewmen.  The flakpanzer still needs an additional seated gunner.  They will serve in the HJ.

Next are some Sands Models Sdkfz 250/1, and 250/8 crew are AB.  They will serve in the HJ recce bat.

And next is a Caesar Sdkfz 10 with 20 mm flak and AB crew, with valuegear details… The Halftrack will receive a driver in the future:

And finally a pair of Kublewagon to be crewed by the new AB recce set and some panzer crews and Panzergrenadiers to round out my forces… The figures are AB and TQD and Kubles are Italeri.

Up next on the table are some scenics!  Hope you enjoy!

Wittman’s Normandy Tiger

Here is a Tiger I finished a few weeks back. I have been away for some time and have finished very little… This tiger came out very well, but I’m still trying to get a handle on pigments. I used the tutorial from the guild provided by a true master, Piers Brand from Ireland. He is also a co creator of the awesome gaming series Battlegroup. Hope you enjoy!











Some Panzer Greys

Here are some shots of some Panzers in Grey! Getting together some earlier forces from 1941-1943 for some Barbarossa action. The panzer IV is a repainted hasegawa that I touched up, along with the PSC guns Pak 38 and French 75mm Pak. The dragon sdkfz 222 is a new kit along with the other pegasus truck. The sdkfz 231 is a repainted roden from my motor pool. I’m planning on adding some PSC panzer IIIs and some pegasus panzer 38Ts among others to give me look I am going for.

Hope you enjoy!





























Some new/refurbed German Armor

It has been awhile since my last post.  I have been very busy at work, and have also lost my wifi to my phone so it takes a lot of data to blog from the phone, and I share a computer with my fiancée.  Either way these are all weak excuses for not posting some of the work I have done lately.  I decided to upload the pics on her computer at home and use lunchtime at work to post them.  I guess that is what you call dedication.

On to the kits:

I have been on a refurbing rampage and have gone back to bring old kits to the current standard.  The first kit is an old Revell Panther A/G from my childhood.  This kit underwent a refurb last year, but with new techniques I felt that it could use a boost in appearance, and wanted to make it look similar to the two new panthers from PSC in order to round out a company of panthers.  Below it is the fellow with the number 1 on the turret.  I love this kit, however when it was build in 1997 I was not yet proficient at the link and length style tracks that are a part of the revel kit.  Therefore the tracks are rather dodgy in my opinion.  Nonetheless a welcome addition to my Normandy forces.

The second refurb in the works was an armourfast StuH42 that I built last Christmas and hastily painted in an eastern front scheme.  I was not pleased with the overall result and due to the fact that I wanted to field this assault howitzer in a 1944 Normandy or Holland battle and feeling that I did not need two of these beasts for the east, I went with the idea to repaint it to reflect a more western-front look.  I used a picture of a StuH42 from the Arnhem campaign to base the camo-scheme.

Finally, we have a brand new addition to the forces….. A beautiful Dragon Jagdpanther Early Production with Zimmerit.  I love dragon kits and if I only need a single tank will probably purchase them as often as I can due to the overall quality of manufacture and ease of build.  The kit features Photo-etched parts as well as metal screens that go over the engine housing.  The zimmerit also looks brilliant.  I will play this large cat in Normandy and Holland as well for 1944 battles.  I also have another revel Jagdpanther that will be repainted to reflect a very late 1944-1945 look.  Below are shots of the finished product.  I hope you enjoy!






IMG_4836 IMG_4835 IMG_4834 IMG_4833 IMG_4832 IMG_4831 IMG_4830 IMG_4829 IMG_4828 IMG_4827 IMG_4826 IMG_4825 IMG_4824 IMG_4823IMG_4804 IMG_4803 IMG_4802 IMG_4801 IMG_4800 IMG_4799 IMG_4798

SdKfz. 222 Dragon

I put up a cry for help on the boards over at the Guild for some 222 kits.  Dragon made a nice 1+1 kit with PE parts (the kit is currently Out of Production) and a friendly Guild member Steve had a spare kit to sell me.  Here are some pics of one of the finished models:


IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4497 IMG_4496 IMG_4495 IMG_4494 IMG_4493