SS Normandy cont.

Here are some panzer IVs and an Sdkfz 251/1D for my Normandy HJ forces.  Tanks are revell and dragon, decals are Dan Taylor Modelworks, Halftracks is Hasegawa with revell tracks.  Figures are AB and Blitz.

Hope you enjoy!




U.S. jeeps and crews

I have been away from the hobby on holiday then moving and am glad to be finally back completing projects.  Up first is a set of US jeeps and crew.  I built 2 recce jeeps with .50 and .30 cal mgs and an HQ and Forward Spotter.  The jeeps are Academy, Airfix, and Hasagawa with spares from SHQ, and blackdog.  The crews are AB.  Hope you enjoy!



Below is my attempt to recreate the awe-inspiring tank from the Movie “Fury” stowage is mix of black dog value gear and odds and ends from my spares bin. Commander is AB. Tank is an old Hasagawa kit. I still wish I had the confidence to seriously dirty this beast with pigments but alas I am not ready to ruin the job as I have in the past. Hope you enjoy!!!











Disaster Avoided/ Rescue Mission

Hello Again Friends!  I’ve been away for a little while as I have been preparing to propose to my Lovely Girlfriend Lauren as well as graduation from my Masters program.  The proposal was a major success and I am excited for our plans to come.  Enough of all that as this is a hobby blog.


As I am now on a strict (self-imposed) budget for models/supplies etc. I usually order my allotment once a month.  This time I ordered the British Airborne troops with Pack Howitzers and also an Italeri M20 scout car, a Daimler MK II from Hasegawa (to beef up the recce dept of my allied forces), and some Caesar Panzer Grenadiers kit#2 and Armourfast German MGs.  As I was ecstatic to find my package that fateful saturday morning, I swiftly prepared the new acquisitions to be primed, and set them to the side to get their Krylon spray finish.  As I live in a studio apartment with Lauren I opted to wait until we were heading out for an evening of drinks with our two friends.  I sprayed these troops and the daimler, and left for 3-4 hours and several cocktails.  Upon heading home (with a significant buzz) I became cognizant that the fumes may still effect my beloved lady.


When we entered the house the paint smell was considerable and against my best judgement I decided to spare her of the fumes and set the cardboard spray-tray on the ledge/balcony/fire-escape.  I in my not so sober state opened the widow and proceeded to shove my new treasures out the window, missing the ledge and falling through the grated balcony.   The whole tray swiftly fell two stories down into a deserted and dark courtyard, which I had never been down to.



I quickly and nimbly headed out into the rainy night to try to recover the soldiers on my fire escape.  Armed with a flashlight and stupid bravery I climbed out my window and found the tray one flight down with about half the men still attached.  I was still distraught that I lost about 20 men and my new daimler, and went to sleep dreaming of the lost souls.  The next morning I awoke with a shudder to remember the men who were left behind.

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Lauren helped get ahold of my nerves as curses streamed out of my mouth at the utter stupidity of the whole situation.  How could I have put them outside on such a precarious ledge so cavalierly and why hadn’t I tried to save the remaining men.  She counseled/consoled me and we decided to try to break into the courtyard to recover the remaining platoon.  I headed down with an exact number still missing, bust through the boiler room into a rainy dirty courtyard with my flashlight.  I was able to recover 19/20 of the men, and a beat up but serviceable Daimler car.  That one man down will always be a casualty of that fateful evening, and it is his honor that we owe this blog.  He was a strong and brave chap, a member of Her Majesty’s 6th Airborne, eternally in a seated pose.  We shall miss that bloke, as his comrades go on to fight the Germans evermore on the tables of Normandy, and the Bridges across the Rhine.  We will never forget him.