Kampfgruppe Normandy AAR- scenario 

Here are some shots of my game with my wife.  We played a scenario from Kampfgruppe Normandy with Battlegroup Rules. She was the British, and I the Germans.  I defeated her in a quick game of 6 turns.  Also can be seen my newly painted early war miniatures flexible road system.  I am very impressed by the quality and will surely go back to buy their rural roads.  Hope you enjoy!



Panzer Lehr at St. Lo

below are some pictures from a recent game played a few weeks back, between my friend Kevin Scanlon, and wife Lauren at our new Apartment.  I built a new table since the move which has a total Measurement of 6×8′ and will eventually include an additional leaf making it 6×10′.  I do not remember much of the battle but that a good time was had and the game was played over the course of several days, however it was never completed.  The scenario come from Kampfgruppe Normandy- the Panzer Lehr at La Charlemenerie.  Below are the pictures….