Some Finished Projects over the last Month

Hello again,


I just wanted to share some of my finished projects that I did in the little free time I’ve had this past month while working on my finals for grad school.  Even though I was away from the blog, I still managed to put out a few finished pieces; mostly to beef-up my German Artillery/Anti-tank.  I will start by showing my finished nebelwerfers from S Models:


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These are great models, as they come with 2 rocket launchers.  Unfortunately they do not include crew, so I shot them with spotters from the PSC PAK 38 set.  I intend on converting some German Infantry to serve as loaders, although I reckon that the rockets these came with are not historically accurate.  Oh well… I am not a rivet counter and will enjoy the kit’s supplied ordinance anyway.


Next up is my Roden Panzerwerfer.  Also a nicely detailed set, but is was a pain in the you know what to assemble with many fiddly parts and a very delicate drive/track assembly.  I think this will be enough of a ‘werfer battery for my taste.

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In the background is a pegasus Ukrainian pre-painted house #1.  I think it will make a nice addition to my eastern front scenery, as I start to build up this collection.  I am nearly done with a pair of houses that are designed to look like this one.  They are built from foamboard and card with airdry clay to simulate the thatched roof texture.  I will post pics when they are complete!


Next up are the last two Wespes painted up for the eastern front.  I have already completed two Wespes to serve in my Western Europe campaigns as panzer-lehr vehicles.  These two are the same ACE kits I purchased around valentines day from in the Ukraine.  A fine addition I must say.


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The first bears the insignia of the Wiking Division or 5th SS Panzer Division.  The Second Tank has the Grossdeutschland helmet-shaped insignia.  I have a penchant for open-topped self-propelled guns.  They are fun models to build and are nice to look at with interchanging crews to suite the forces you’d like to deploy.


And Finally I will do a quick run through of the PSC PAK 38 and Crews along with a pair of PAK 40s from Italeri that i re-painted.


here is an Italeri PAK 40 being serviced by a Waffen SS crew from PSC.  The camo is supposed to be spring/summer Oakleaf



Above is the Same Crew from the front without the gun


Next up are the Waffen SS PAK 38s and Crews



these PSC sets are worth buying for the crews alone! In one Set you get 24 gun crew with both 50mm ammo and 75mm ammo, a great value for around 18 bucks if you ask me!




And now my Panzer Lehr/Heer Gunners:

With the PAK 38s-




…..And with the PAK 40s






A shot of the PAK 40 with Lehr Crew in my current Wargame…. I will post on the finale of this game so look out US armor!












Update on the German armor from the Ukraine

Here are some updated shots of 4 pieces I am working on. 2 Wespes, a sdkfz 234/2 puma, and a marser










Both the Wespes and Marder went together pretty easily. The tracks on both are exactly the same and are a little on the fiddly side and I ended up gluing them on the road wheels. I have built two roden sets before one sdkfz 234/4 and one 232 and find that the drive trains are really difficult to assemble. However the price is so nice that I have opted towards these purchases for my armored car needs because they are 1/3 the price of revell, italeri etc.