FJ project part 1

I’ve been Inspired to round out an FJ battlegroup and have started with a few squads and support weapons to add to my AB forces.  I am starting with Wartime’s excellent range and have many more projects in the works to make an FJ battlegroup for 43-45.  Also in this shot is a piece of an Early war miniature flexible road.  I have painted up enough of these roads to complete my country roads system.  Look out for them in my next AAR.   Hope you enjoy!




Terrain and a truckload of GI

here are two molded Plastic terrain pieces from Early War Miniatures and a Pegasus truck with newly painted milicast riders.  The riders were a pain in the you know what to assemble, but all in all I am pleased with the finished product!



AAR: Battle in the Bocage (Normandy)

It has been a while since the last post, mainly because I have lost my capability to blog from my phone due to me not being able to utilize the Wifi connection in my apartment (for some strange reason it kicked me out and after multiple attempts and different solutions it still hasn’t come back).  


I have been very busy on the table recently mostly with major terrain projects which I will blog later.  I built 12 feet of bocage as I was impressed and had coveted the bocage on Tim Marshall’s awesome site:


I also built a few scratch-built building which are also featured in this AAR along with an entirely new road system.  I will blog more on these later as well.  

So to test out my new terrain and scenery, I put together a little attack-defense scenario using BGO rules.  The US forces who are the attacker starting on the top edge of the board making their way through the bocage towards the town: US list and German defenders: panzer list tasked with stopping the US from holding the important crossroads that pass through town centre.  Each side was allowed 600pts.  Below is a view from the top/town side of the board.  At the top you can see the brand new thick/tall bocage which will now be a regular in all my Normandy games.  



Due to my time constraints as I write this I will not be doing my usual blow by blow, but instead will set up the pictures taken during the game.  Because the game was so exciting, I stopped photographing it at a certain point.  The Germans pulled off a stunning victory as they hurriedly dispatched the American Armor with the Tiger Ace and Panther.  We had so much fun playing this scenario, that Lauren and I left the board up and played it again the following day, but switching sides.  Again the Germans were victorious and in spite of playing with less points and BR, it was clear that this scenario favored the defending germans.  Hope you enjoy!






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Some Beauty Shots of a Normandy Vingette

After my Sunday game I stuck around to snap some shots of my new pieces with some oldies mixed in.  I guess a lot of the appeal of this hobby is reveling at your hard work on the board, especially when you are not able to do another game.

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I am going to try to finish all my projects related to Normandy to attempt a massive and fun trial of the BattleGroup Overlord rule set once it arrives.  I am looking forward to the rule-set to gain some more realism and other parameters for rules I never developed on my own in my house set.  I feel that the holes have produced some frustration, especially when selecting appropriate sized and matched armies.  I look forward to giving this a try at once.





Pegasus Russian Farm Houses

In the last AAR were featured a pair of Russian farm houses by Pegasus.  I wanted to share a couple of pictures of these finished pieces along with the italeri Fences from my last major haul.





I used Thano’s technique from his blog Miniatures and Terrain to paint these pieces using a very light grey green dry-brush to help build up the depth of the wood grain.  Here is a link to his tips on painting:

I am aiming to purchase the log houses and Izba along with Ukrainian House #1 and #2 to round out my structures for the eastern front.  I will probably down the road try to find a good eastern orthodox style church and also a train station, but these are not quite on my radar yet.