US Infantry

Below are shots of the TQD US infantry range.  Hope you enjoy!




Band of Brothers

I have been wanting to create a complete battlegroup representing the 101st airborne for Normandy.  Below is my attempt using Elheim, TQD, Fantasin, SHQ, and revell jeeps.  I would like to add 1-2 more recce jeeps, a couple 57mm AT guns a couple more mortars and another squad, but for the most part this force is pretty well finished with 2 full platoons.  Hope you enjoy!



1st SS Panzer Corpes Normandy Additions

one of my major projects this past year which is ongoin is building up the 1st SS Panzer Corpes for Normandy… Essentially an Army of LASSH and HJ divisional troops.  First up is a couple shots of AB crew in a stug III I recently completed:

Next are three Panthers to represent some famously camoflaged cats serving in the LASSH in Normandy.  Two are PSC and the third is a Dragon dicast prepaint.  Some PSC stowage and AB crewman added for effect:

Next is a revell Sdkfz 251/9 c for the HJ with valuegear and PSC stowage and SHQ crew:

Next are a Marder III M and Flakpanzer 38t both are altaya dicast prepaints that I repainted and added PSC and valuegear stowage and AB crewmen.  The flakpanzer still needs an additional seated gunner.  They will serve in the HJ.

Next are some Sands Models Sdkfz 250/1, and 250/8 crew are AB.  They will serve in the HJ recce bat.

And next is a Caesar Sdkfz 10 with 20 mm flak and AB crew, with valuegear details… The Halftrack will receive a driver in the future:

And finally a pair of Kublewagon to be crewed by the new AB recce set and some panzer crews and Panzergrenadiers to round out my forces… The figures are AB and TQD and Kubles are Italeri.

Up next on the table are some scenics!  Hope you enjoy!